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Can't start local instance of Spark-Jobserver

So I'm trying to create a local instance of spark jobserver to test jobs on and I can't even get it to run. So the first thing I do when I got into my vagrant instance is I start spark. I know this works because I submit jobs to spark...

DSE 4.6 to DSE 4.7 Failed to find Spark assembly

I have a problem with job-server-0.5.0 after upgraded DSE 4.6 to 4.7. If I run server_start.sh I'll get error "Failed to find Spark assembly in /usr/share/dse/spark/assembly/target/scala-2.10 You need to build Spark before running this program." I found in /usr/share/dse/spark/bin/compute-classpath.sh this code raises error for f in ${assembly_folder}/spark-assembly*hadoop*.jar; do if [[...

Error when running job that queries against Cassandra via Spark SQL through Spark Jobserver

So I'm trying to run job that simply runs a query against cassandra using spark-sql, the job is submitted fine and the job starts fine. This code works when it is not being run through spark jobserver (when simply using spark submit). Could someone tell my what is wrong with...