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C# SNMP agent - representing complex types in MIB

I'm writing my first SNMP agent in C# and I want to expose some system event information through SNMP GET requests. On the C# side, all system events are represented by a simple class: public class MySystemEvent { public int Id { get;set; } public string Message { get; set;...

SNMP commands from a Linux server

I want to probe a device in SNMP from a Linux server. I need to know all the commands that are valid from the server(SNMP Manager). Can anyone provide me with the link where I can study all the commands? I have searched a lot but I am able to...

How to extend my OID existing tree (and write its MIB)?

1) How can I extend the OID tree? I would like to have a part of it reserved for my company and that those new OID numbers used by devices manufactured by my company. 2) Once this is done, how can I write a MIB for that new branch of...

SNMP :snmpwalk response from NAS timeout issue

I am new to Linux networking. I am trying to configure SNMP between a Linux pc <--> Switch <--> NAS(Buffalo TS500D). I have configured snmpd in linux pc and enabled SNMP in NAS. When I checked the query mesasage from linux pc using command $snmpwalk -Os -c MSTTeraStation -v 2c...

SNMP OID Resolver

I am writing python code in which a user inputs a SNMP OID in any of the following forms: internet. I want my code to resolve internet to I was thinking of creating a dictionary and giving the corresponding values to the object names but I don't think...

java.net.BindException: Cannot assign requested address

I want to use low port in my application (SNMP Trap Receiver on Spring web + Tomcat7). As I told in this thread Binding Low Port to Java Program on Ubuntu Server, before, I got error Permission denied. Then I change tomcat7 user group be root. But after that, I...

how to use SNMP

I have some linux servers which will work as SNMP agents. I need to use Java and SNMP4J to monitor these servers (agents), and also the SNMP manager must be able to check upon these servers. How to implement SNMP in the SNMP agent to respond to the queries from...

Cacti Thresholds to Send SNMP Trap

I recently started working with Cacti and Nagios on Ubuntu and I have limited knowledge of them. Currently Cacti sends an email when a threshold is changed. I would like to also have this threshold send an SNMP alert, in addition to the current email. I googled this but could...

Showing progress as shell script runs

I would like to display something showing that the script is still gathering information from a device. Whether it be hash marks or periods. As you can see below when it starts its walk of a device it echos its start time. It is here I would like to show...

SNMP agent configuration windows/linux

i need to retrieve information via snmp and then use this information to create some sort of graphic application in Unity. I find the SnmpSharp library http://www.snmpsharpnet.com/ i create a little program in unity using this library and then i installed the snmp on my windows machine(using windows official guide)...

When sending an SNMP trap, does the agent need to know the port number of the receiver?

I am new to SNMP. When sending an SNMP trap, does the agent need to know the port number of the receiver? Or it only needs to know the receiver's IP address? and the receiver should specify agent's ip + port when it subscribes?

Is trap agent has to be same related to trap management console

I'm new to this network programming and I been looking for trap agent to send traps in C#. The currently in use trap agent is TrapGen.exe but I have to replace it with the in-house designed one. but I don't know where to start. And also is that trap agent...

What is community based authentication in SNMP?

In SNMP PDU , there is a field with name "community" , how community add security to snmp ? To be more specific , how a snmp agent know that, community string is correct or wrong ?

Can't get SNMP authentication work correctly with snmp4j

I am writing a SNMP v3 trap/informs sender using snmp4j with authentication, but I'm surprised that informs are correctly acknowledged even if there's an authentication failure. I also developed the trap receiver using snmp4j to help me debugging. I've noticed several unexpected scenarios: 1st scenario: sending an INFORM with Auth...

How do I send a SNMP trap to multiple managers using snmp4j?

Need to forward the snmp trap to multiple managers. Below is the snippet used to send trap to single target address and it is working as expected. Address targetaddress = new UdpAddress(ConnectionPropertyUtil .getProperty("snmpAddress").toString()+ "/"+ConnectionPropertyUtil.getProperty("snmpPort").toString()); CommunityTarget target = new CommunityTarget(); target.setCommunity(new OctetString("public")); target.setVersion(SnmpConstants.version2c); target.setAddress(targetaddress); Snmp snmp = new Snmp(new DefaultUdpTransportMapping());...

Python PYSNMP avoid sending DISMAN-EVENT-MIB event as part of traps

We are trying to send a custom SNMP notification using PYSNMP module using custom MIB's but when it send the notification we get an DISMAN-EVENT-MIB::sysUpTimeInstance event also as part of the notification. We want to avoid the same. Below is the sample script from pysnmp.entity.rfc3413.oneliner import ntforg ntfOrg = ntforg.NotificationOriginator()...

what is usage of parsing mibs?

Can anyone tell me why NMS implementations parse and save MIB items in a database? I know one of the reasons is when they receive a trap and want to analyze it, then they use the parsed MIB. What else they do with parsed MIB? For example, when the NMS...

Difference between TimeTicks and TimeInterval SMI types

RFC 2578 "Structure of Management Information Version 2 (SMIv2)" contains a type TimeTicks which is defined as IMPLICIT INTEGER (0..4294967295) and described as "non-negative integer which represents the time, modulo 2^32 (4294967296 decimal), in hundredths of a second between two epochs". RFC 2579 "Textual Conventions for SMIv2" contains a type...

Using a non-surrogate index in an SNMP table

I have key:value data which I want to dispay as is. Everything I've read suggests that if some column is a key then it should be not-accessible and thus not displayed by tools (OTOH I'm not sure that the relevant part of RFC 2579 says that, it's too hard for...

Parsing snmpwalk output

I know here are many questions and answers in regards to parsing snmpwalk response but I cant seem to find the relating answer here. I am not good in parsing texts but I am doing my best to learn things. I am polling my Juniper device with command: snmpwalk -v2c...

pysnmp: Values not same as SNMPWalk — WHY?

In short, I am utilizing pysnmp to get multiple values to create a .CSV containing routing table information. When I do an SNMPWALK I on OID: . I get: IP-MIB::ipAdEntNetMask. = IpAddress: IP-MIB::ipAdEntNetMask. = IpAddress: IP-MIB::ipAdEntNetMask. = IpAddress: IP-MIB::ipAdEntNetMask. = IpAddress: IP-MIB::ipAdEntNetMask. = IpAddress: IP-MIB::ipAdEntNetMask.

DD WRT - Is there any option(SNMP /CLI) to get temperature of the router without using web interface?

The dd-wrt firmware is installed in the router. I can able to ssh/telnet to the router also I can able to snmpwalk to the router. How to get router temperature using SNMP or CLI (ssh/telnet) which is shown in web GUI?

Check if a device has an snmp object without waiting for a timeout?

I'm using snmp4j to collect power consumption on POE (power over ethernet) ports. But some devices don't support POE. When I go to ask those devices for the power consumption, they eventually time out. Waiting for the time out imposes an undesirable delay on displaying information on a web page....

SNMP table with dynamic number of columns

I want to have a SNMP table with dynamic number of rows and columns. The code which creates the OIDs in the snmpd is ready but now I'm having problems with the MIB file. The MIB file allows dynamic number of rows(entries) but must have constant number of columns. I'm...