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Shell script to build CLI args for a PERL script

I have a Jenkins job, triggered as a parameterized build. It accepts an optional String parameter (HOSTNAMES) that can be a comma separated list of hostnames. I need to pass this comma separated list of hostnames as a command line argument to a PERL script (within Execute shell build step)....

quotes in Jquery selectors

I read a couple of answer about a similar question and people always say that there is no difference between a single and a double quote. The problem is I have a little line of code that somehow seem to matter... $("li[data-type|='veg']").append(' (v)'); this code do what I want him...

Parsing/manipulating weirdly formated json array

I have the following broken javascript json string [ 'some string's', 'inside, array', 60.4, 10.3, '' ] I would like to parse this broken json string, scraped from the script part of a web page, into a javascript array - but as you see it's not valid json. The strings...