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When exactly does onShouldSendPushData() fire?

I've set up a chat app with Parse + Sinch (I used this official tutorial mostly) and I'm trying to get notifications to work in a particular way: When the MessagingActivity is opened, the receiver of the message shouldn't get any notifications. When the home button is pressed and the...

Sinch unanswered call timeout

The length before an unanswered call ends with the "timeout" state seems to be 45 seconds. Can this be adjusted anywhere within the JS or Android api?...

android not getting calls on the other side when using gcm and sinch sdk

I'm trying to use gcm to start calls in sinch, I send the push notification and I get it on the other side but when I try to start a call I get null pointer exception in my service at mCall.addCallListener( ); this is the part of the gcm intent...

Sinch Production Keys Not Working

Hey so I have been working on an app which includes Sinch Messaging in it. Everything was working fine with the Sandbox key and secret. I am planning on putting the app in the Play Store and decided it was time to enter in the Sinch production keys. However, as...

Verification initialization failed: Sinch backend request failed with code: 40003 message: Invalid number

first. i live in south korea. downloaded sinch verification example and modify application_key and launch... but i found this error code. Verification initialization failed: Sinch backend request failed with code: 40003 message: Invalid number. plz help me!...

Browser asks for “share the deivce” permission everytime and on all pages while using sinch for web-to-web calling?

I'm using Sinch for web-to-web calling and I want online users to be able to accept a call no matter on which page they are! Im using django/python for backend and since I want all pages with this "call listening" property, I've initialized sinchClient on the main page which is...

Android Sinch SDK disable history

Android Sinch SDK returns chat history, but I don't need it because I'm getting data from api, is there any way to disable history in sinch? I've searched for the answer in sinch docs and samples, but didn't find it.

how to send extra data in sinch payload

I'm using sinch SDK and I use gcm to send push notification, what I do is registering the user using the function registerPushData (reg_id.getbytes ()),the reg_id is the GCM registeration id but I want to send extra things like the user name and id. I want to know how to...

Looking for clarifications on how to build a group chat app using Sinch platform

I am trying to figure out how to use sinch to build a basic group messaging app. It looks pretty simple but I have a few questions to help me understand the platform: 1) It seems like the platform doesn't support multiple conversations for one user. For example facebook messenger...

Access Sinch PushPayload before `shouldSendPushNotifications`

I want to send a push immediately to the other client, regardless of their availability. However the shouldSendPushNotifications delegate method is only called ~4 seconds after the call is initialized. Is there a way to access the pushPayload of a call from the SINCall itself?

How to let the chatMessageCell appear in DialogVC programmatically (Not StoryBoard)

I have gotten the program to send messages as Parse proves that. However i am not using storyboard & do not know display the textMessages in the Dialog view. How can i achieve displaying the textMessage in the dialog view with the same Cell you produced in Storyboard? I am...

Can I send a text message with Sinch without having the user okay the message visually? For example, through a gesture?

Can I send an text message with Sinch without having the user okay the message visually? For example, through a gesture? I.E: Phone is locked, user knocks on their phone, sends a text message because of the knock to their parents saying "pick me up." The part I need help...

What firewall ports do I need to open to allow Sinch and WebRTC to work?

Sinch has been working just great over the internet and various NATed networks. But I've just tried the device behind an enterprise firewall, and suddenly we can't make calls. More specifically devices can call each other, but the moment onCallEstablished is called (audio streams are connected), the calls drop out....