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How much improvement can I expect with SharpDX over heavily optimized GDI code in C#/WinForms?

I've been working on a C#/GDI graphical app for a couple years. I've spent a lot of time optimizing the drawing code. I am drawing to the screen by invalidating a PictureBox control about 10 times a second, and by leveraging subsequent OnPaint event that occurs when Windows triggers it....

Sharpdx - Depthstencil not working when using MRT (Multiple Render Targets)

been trying to change a renderer I wrote from SlimDX to SharpDX and ran into a problem. I want to render to multiple render targets (in this case color and object ID for picking) This is the initialization of the rendertargets (all with same dimension and multisample setting) //Swapchain, Device,...

Direct2D plot approach / performance

How is the approach to plot complex drawings with Direct2D (Sharpdx)? Actually I am using a WindowsRenderTarget, connecting it with a Direct2D1.Factory and drawing to a RenderControl. Factory2D = new SharpDX.Direct2D1.Factory(FactoryType.MultiThreaded); FactoryWrite = new SharpDX.DirectWrite.Factory(); var properties = new HwndRenderTargetProperties(); properties.Hwnd = this.Handle; properties.PixelSize = new Size2(this.ClientSize.Width, this.ClientSize.Height); properties.PresentOptions =...

SharpDX Bitmaps

I've been looking around the internet for a while, and I can't seem to find the answer I've been looking for. So what I intend to do with bitmaps is I want to draw them onto the window, and be able properly resize them whenever. Any help would be appreciated!

Texture for UnorderedAccessView

I would need to create an UnorderedAccessView for use as output of a compute shader: var target = new Texture2D(device, new Texture2DDescription() { Width = bitmap.PixelWidth, Height = bitmap.PixelHeight, ArraySize = 1, MipLevels = 1, Format = Format.R8G8B8A8_UNorm, SampleDescription = new SampleDescription() { Count = 1, Quality = 0 },...

SharpDX DirectWrite rotate text

I wondered how to rotate a text rendered with Direct2D with SharpDX. Can not find any possiblity in RenderTarget2D.DrawText() or RenderTarget2D.DrawTextLayout()...

Update a D3D9 texture from CUDA

I’m working on a prototype that integrates WPF, Direct3D9 (using Microsoft’s D3DImage WPF class), and CUDA (I need to be able to generate a texture for the D3DImage on the GPU). The problem is, CUDA doesn’t update my texture. No error codes are returned, the texture just stays unchanged. Even...

HUD basics using SharpDX: How to Draw over the screen surface?

Scenario I'm planning to learn the basics about how to develop a custom HUD for a 3rd party PC-game (free, legal), my intention is to develop an application that will draw/show additional info on the screen (by reading mem addresses). So I've researched for profesional projects and I've found TurboHUD...

Apply color for each and every point in PointCloud Using HelixToolkit

I have created a point cloud in HelixToolKit. I need to apply color for each and every point . When I am using PointVisual3D there is no options for setting color for each and every point . It set color for the whole point cloud. When I am using PointGeometryModel3D...

'using' scope in C# and sharpdx

The question is more C# related, but I started learining sharpdx recently and I came up on two ways to initialize resources. First stores the resource (Texture2D in this example) as a global variable. Then in code assigns the value to it and passes it to sharpdx's method (and down...

Does a float3 in a constant buffer secretly add padding?

I have a cbuffer in my shader.fx file, like so: cbuffer lights : register (b1) { float4 Light1Color; float3 Light1Direction; float4 Light2Color; float3 Light2Direction; float4 Light3Color; float3 Light3Direction; } I had some issues filling this cbuffer from my code, it ended up being an array of the following struct: struct...