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escaped_fragment in sitemap or shebang?

My site is a Single Page Application and uses alot of javascript. I've got my server setup to generate the site the user sees with javascript so Google sees the same content. Google knows about this via the fragment meta tag and converts links with the shebang to escaped_fragment to...

From where I should learn about htaccess

I'm working in PHP but didn't know about htaccess. And these days I know how much the value of htaccess. So, I decide to learn first htacces then step forward. But don't know from where I should start? Please provide your guidelines. I want to learn complete tips & tricks...

When choosing the domain name for a CDN, is there anything to be aware of? [closed]

There don't seem to be any SEO issues I can think of, so I'm wondering if there are any other issues that someone should be aware of when choosing a domain name for a CDN. Does the TLD matter? Are there certain things that will get a domain flagged by...

How Google “distinguishes” website articles from news? [closed]

When I search keywords from Google, it shows all articles related to these words and It has separate tab called "News", where Google shows related news. How Goolge "Knows" that article from site is about News? I have opened source codes of multiple news websites and they has "itemprops" in...

How much or what exactly will my site lose in google ranking, if the site is not mobile-friendly? [closed]

Here is the source to the information about the impact on ranking, but no details provided on how much will not mobile-friendly sites lose now.

Server side vs client side website

We have to build a website and we have to chose where to manage the content, in the server (PHP or JSP) or on the client (JavaScript). This article: http://searchenginewatch.com/sew/how-to/2358775/seo-strategies-for-javascript-heavy-single-page-applications-or-ajax-sites enlighted me a bit but Im still doubting. Good SEO is the most important thing to achieve. Can anyone relate...

Best JSON-LD practices: using multiple