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what is the current opinion on using tags to hide individual instances of a recurring itemtype=“http://schema.org/Event”

This event is a local farm market where the client will be making weekly appearances at a venue which shifts bi-annually. Because the recurrence of the event is irregular (some weeks the start time may be different and the number of days between events varies between 7 and 5), there...

Classifying chemical raw materials to introduce in Schema.org

I should introduce the products of a company that creates chemical, mineral and agricultural raw materials. To explain more clearly, some examples are Ammonium Sulfate (as an agricultural product), Phosphate (as Minerals) and Sulphuric acid as a chemical raw material. Reviewing http://schema.org/Product, http://schema.org/Thing, https://schema.org/docs/meddocs.html and also https://schema.org/MedicalEntity, I don't know...

GSA: microdata gets truncated

I'm feeding the data of into Google Search Appliance. My feed contains HTML documents enchanced with Microdata from schema.org (specifically this). To my surprise: the search results aren't any different to the ones I receive without microdata enhancement in place, while using test tool, I'm seeing that GSA cuts the...

Can I have multiple images marked up in a schema.org ImageObject?

In an HTML5 figure element, you can have multiple images inside. However, if you have the figure marked up as an ImageObject, can you mark up all the images inside of the figure with itemprop="contentUrl" or should only the first be marked up?

Structured markup adding models to product data

I have a question regarding the correct way of using structured markup (Microdata / Schema.org) for the situation where I have a main overview product and then, within that, a list of models with separate prices and a custom attribute. Simplified example: <div class="mainproduct" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Product"> <h1 itemprop="name">Product Name</h1> <p...

redefine and declare property in RDFS

I want to create a RDFS schema about venue info which contains for example: address info. I find another schema about it:https://schema.org/Place which has the property address info. The first question is can I declare the Venue also has the property of address? I already know that I can use...

Setting the service details for several reviews with structured data

I'm doing up a testimonials page and recently I have been utilising structured data to help SE's find the reviews more easily; as per the review information found. Now, normally if I was doing one review I would do something like this: <div itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Review"> <div itemprop="itemReviewed" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Service"> <span...

Multiple Aggregate Ratings of Schema.org

I have multiple aggregate ratings snippets in one page. Is there a way to make one of them the default one? The one that will be displayed in the results of Search Engines? Thanks all! Update: That webpage is, essentially, the page of a Brand. It contains the aggregate ratings...

Best JSON-LD practices: using multiple