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Is it okay to use same schema.org markup twice on one page?

On a product page I have two aggregated ratings for one product at different places, which means they contain identical information. I want to have them twice on that page due to ux reasons, but I'm not sure if I can markup them with schema.org everytime or if this would...

Schema.org - Correct way to set up a football (soccer) club with multiple teams

I have a football club - Deal Community Sports FC, which has two teams - First Team and Reserves. I began implementing the sportsTeam markup from schema.org for Deal Community Sports, but then ran into a brick wall of confusion when it came to including the two teams as a...

Setting the service details for several reviews with structured data

I'm doing up a testimonials page and recently I have been utilising structured data to help SE's find the reviews more easily; as per the review information found. Now, normally if I was doing one review I would do something like this: <div itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Review"> <div itemprop="itemReviewed" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Service"> <span...

Multiple Aggregate Ratings of Schema.org

I have multiple aggregate ratings snippets in one page. Is there a way to make one of them the default one? The one that will be displayed in the results of Search Engines? Thanks all! Update: That webpage is, essentially, the page of a Brand. It contains the aggregate ratings...

Can I have multiple images marked up in a schema.org ImageObject?

In an HTML5 figure element, you can have multiple images inside. However, if you have the figure marked up as an ImageObject, can you mark up all the images inside of the figure with itemprop="contentUrl" or should only the first be marked up?

GSA: microdata gets truncated

I'm feeding the data of into Google Search Appliance. My feed contains HTML documents enchanced with Microdata from schema.org (specifically this). To my surprise: the search results aren't any different to the ones I receive without microdata enhancement in place, while using test tool, I'm seeing that GSA cuts the...

Schema.org mandatory fields and the time needed until Google shows changes

I have implemented Schema.org (using Microdata) inside my product pages and when I check Google Webmaster Tools it is crawled by Googlebot and interpreted successfully. The point is I have not implemented some properties inside Product type like brand. I need to know whether there is some subset of all...

Which Schema.org property should I use for related articles, quizzes, stories? [closed]

So there is a quiz & stories website, and on the right or bottom side of the screen (while you taking a quiz or read a story) there should be some lists of SIMILAR items, so the user can jump around at any time. Examples, for story reader section (similar...

Structured data not being picked up on telephone number

I have the following snippet of code in a website. When I run this through the Google Structured Data Testing Tool, it doesn’t pick up the phone number. I’m not sure where I’m going wrong: <div class="telephone-number" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Organization"> <p>Call Us: <a itemprop="telephone" href="tel:07749918143">07749 918 143</a></p> </div> The error generated...

Best JSON-LD practices: using multiple