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Cuda cub:Device Scan

I'm using cub to implement device scan. When I run the default example for device scan I keep getting : identifier "cudaOccupancyMaxActiveBlocksPerMultiprocessor" is undefined Does anyone have any idea about this problem? Thanks,...

What are the file formats that read into R the fastest?

It seems most intuitive that .rdata files might be the fasted file format for R to load, but when scanning some of the stack posts it seems that more attention has been on enhancing load times for .csv or other formats. Is there a definitive answer?

File not found when using multiple scanners

I'm writing a simple program in Eclipse to input and compare two text files. However, I can't seem to import the two text files at the same time. If I delete one of the new scanner objects, it clears my other file; otherwise, it gives me an error that the...

Mysql optimize to avoid table scan

Please consider the following table: _____________________ | sentence_word | |---------|---------| | sent_id | word_id | |---------|---------| | 1 | 1 | | 1 | 2 | | ... | ... | | 2 | 4 | | 2 | 1 | | ... | ... | With this table structure...

What is a scan: {} block in Java?

I was looking at the source code for the class String for 8u40-b25 JDK, and it contains a scan: {} block: 2557 /* Now check if there are any characters that need to be changed. */ 2558 scan: { 2559 for (firstUpper = 0 ; firstUpper < len; ) {...