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Product a scalar with a matrix in mathematica

I want to product a scalar with a matrix in mathematica. My codes are : w.P + (w^3).P P is a matrix and w is a scalar, but product gives scalar out of the matrix. Why?...

C#: Unhandled Exception of type 'System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException' occurred in System.Data.dll

I've looked through the similar questions on this subject and found none that could compare closely enough to my own problem. There are a lot of different ways to trigger the same exception. I'm new to C# and am working on a simple login form which stores user info within...

Must declare scalar variable with BCP in SQL Server

I have the following section of my stored procedure code and for some reason, I keep getting the error messages: Must declare scalar variable "@query" Statement(s) could not be prepared I am also attempting to use BCP to export to a file and the @query string is a complex string....

Matlab programming error

I am trying out the questions in programming assignment of Coursera course on Matlab programming as an exercise. This is for my self-study. Question: Write a function called classify that takes one input argument x. That argument will have no more than two dimensions. If x is an empty matrix,...

Declare scalar variable SQL

My problem is i want to use this local variable inside my update query, is there a way of doing this? DECLARE @listStr VARCHAR(MAX) SELECT @listStr = COALESCE(@listStr+''',''' , '') + cast(int_guid as varchar(max)) FROM ex_in SELECT '''' + @listStr + '''' Update query update dbo.ex_in SET int_action = CASE...

Matlab - Multiply specific entries by a scalar in multidimensional matrix

I'm having problems multiplying specific values within my multidimensional matrix by a scalar. My matrix has the following dimension: size(comDatabe) = 5 10 3 397 10 The third dimension is an x-y-z coordinate frame. Something went wrong and now my y-axis is defined upside down for one subject (#8 out...

OpenCV 2.4 puttext() scalar

I'm using OpenCV 2.4.11 in C++. I want to display a text with the puttext() function on my picture. e.g.:putText(imageOutput,"x:",Point(pos[0],pos[1]),1,1,Scalar(255,0,0),2); What does the Scalar function do? Is there an alternative input instead of Scalar?