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grails 3.0.1 scaffolded view does not show domain relationship

I am following the example in the book "Grails a Quick-Start Guide" using Grails 3.0.1 with following domains package com.tekdays class TekEvent { static constraints = { name() city() description maxSize:5000 organizer() venue() startDate() endDate() } String city String name TekUser organizer String venue Date startDate Date endDate String description...

Where is a list of Entity Framework's unsupported types?

Either I am blind, or there is no published/searchable list of C# types that Entity Framework skips or does not support when building a code-first database. If I am blind, please lead me. Else, please link me - and everyone else who cannot locate this important documentation omission. Using several...

Hide some fields from view in ASP.Net MVC

I have a table with CreatedBy ModifiedBy and Isactive columns. Using Entity Framework Database first renders all the fields in create, detail and list views. I am automatically creating views by using "MVC 5 Controller with views, using Entity Framework" option. I want views to don't show these fields and...

Modify scaffold :string for :text

I have a scaffold, but it fails because the text of the users is longer than string permits. So I would like to change the kind of data, rails g scaffold Dreams Dream:string for Dreams:text, It is possible?

Linking a user id to a profile model - Ruby on Rails

I have a basic rails app with devise set up and a profile model generated with scaffolding. The Profile model is where the user will add detailed information about themselves after they sign up. Everything is working fine except for one issue: after the user creates a profile, the new...

Grails: How to handle multi-select in controller with scaffolding while storing with no selection?

I have a domain object category with a hasMany relation to a domain object attributes class Category { Collection<Attribute> attributes = [] static hasMany = [attributes:Attribute] I use scaffolding to generate a multi select box (different from a quite similar issue mentioned in this question ): class CategoryController { static...

Scaffolding with Laravel

I am relativley new to laravel, and have created an 'article' scaffold using this plugin: https://github.com/JeffreyWay/Laravel-4-Generators And running: php artisan generate:resource article --fields="title:string, body:text" Everything works out fine, with the table being created in my database and the associated files appearing in my project directory. However, when I navigate to...

Scaffolding Error - Building with Database First

Provided Error No connection string named 'Entities' could be found in the application config file. Explanation and Inquiry I know this question has been asked, but I have found that none of the answers are working for me, and I believe it has to do with my attempts to Scaffold...

rails - error loading “new” page made with ruby on rails scaffolding

I have a simple rails app with devise set up and a profile model that I created. I have set up my associations and everything seems fine, however when I try to access the new_profile_path with a new user account, I get the following Error: NoMethodError in ProfilesController#new undefined method...

scaffolding views from controllers (model already exists)

I have a c# MVC 4 Web app with code first models and controllers which i done manually. Is there a quick way of scaffolding views from the controllers? or do i need to code it manually?...

Working with values in web forms scaffolding

I have recently been tasked with learning EF 6 and web forms scaffolding for our group. Most everything works perfect for me and even though I was ready to hate it I don't. There are a couple of things that I can not make work the way that I want...

rails scaffold not plural generate

I would like to generate a scaffolded controller, view and helper named with not pluraled one, but singular one. Howevery, I got pluraled named files like below. I know they are based on the rails convention, but I just would like to create a dictionary page. $ rails generate scaffold_controller...