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Protect Express against XSS: is it sufficient to encode HTML entities of whole incoming request?

I have an Express app that I want to protect against XSS. I red some pages about XSS - including OWASP ones, and in view of my application characteristics, I decide to write a middleware that encode HTML entities - more precisely XML entities, including <>"' - of my request...

How to print symbols with parenthesis in latex using xtable and Sweave

I am trying to generate a tex table using xtable. In R, the table contains: >tvPre p\\_1 p\\_2 p\\_3 FV "\\textuparrow M" "" "\\textuparrow R" a "\\textuparrow WH" "" "" b "\\textuparrow H" "" "\\textuparrow (H)" c "\\textuparrow (WH)" "" "\\textuparrow (H)" Oil "\\textuparrow W" "\\textuparrow R" "\\textdownarrow R" If...