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Why are multiple entries of 'color' css attribute active in Safari Dev Tools?

Sometimes I see two entries for the CSS 'color' attribute active on a single element, even when one has !important. The one without !important is taking precedence though, as it should (I am trying to force the element to color: white). See screenshot: Thanks! UPDATE: added html markup <div class="x-button...

View local development server on USB-connected iOS device

I have my OS X development laptop hooked up to the net via an iPhone 5 connected with USB (Personal Hotspot). With a web server running locally for my development work, can I load pages from this server on my iPhone and then inspect them with Safari's Web Inspector? I...

how to break on error in Javascript

Is there a simple way to set a breakpoint one line before an error in the native browser debuggers such as Chrome and Safari? If not, what tools are there that will accomplish this task?

Safari can't inspect ionic cordova app in simulator

Now I am writing ionic app. I have upgraded OS X and XCode to newer. In previous versions, I had debug the ionic app by using safari inspector. But in the new version(Safari Version 8.0.5 (10600.5.17), XCode Version 6.3.1 (6D1002)), I can not debug my app by using Safari Inspector....