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C# Vlc ActiveX Play rtsp stream

I have found a problem to embed and playing rtsp stream to VLC activex control. Once i already succeeded but now i cant i dont know why, Im trying to host at WPF a vlc control but its dont work , Its says like a dll is missing , "Failed...

FFmpeg UDP timeout, retrying with TCP callback

I'm reading some RTSP stream in an iOS app using FFmpeg. If the firewall or other services stops the network from receiving via UDP, FFmpeg nicely falls back to reading via TCP. My question is: How can I be notified that the fallback to TCP happened? I need to know...

How to decode a live555 rtsp stream (h.264) MediaSink data using iOS8's VideoToolbox?

Ok, I know that this question is almost the same as get-rtsp-stream-from-live555-and-decode-with-avfoundation, but now VideoToolbox for iOS8 became public for use and although I know that it can be done using this framework, I have no idea of how to do this. My goals are: Connect with a WiFiCamera using...

linux gst_element_factory_make (“rtspsrc”, NULL) fails on qt5

My problem is, why does gst_element_factory_make ("rtspsrc", NULL) fails evry times? I use Qt5 on ubuntu 14.04. I tried gst_element_factory_find ("rtspsrc") with success, I also tried gst-ispect rtspsrc gst-inspect-0.10 rtspsrc gst-inspect-1.0 rtspsrc and all successfully here are link I found on tiku.io, on stackoverflow, on quabr.com and I tried to...

GStreamer 1.0 “autovideosink” does not open the display

Using the default GStreamer 0.10 installed in my ubuntu 14.04 I can capture my IP camera: gst-launch-0.10 rtspsrc location=rtsp://admin:[email protected]:554/mpeg4cif latency=0 ! decodebin ! ffmpegcolorspace ! autovideosink It has the problem that the capture in the display stops after a while. Although the camera is still sending rtsp packets until I...

Does jwplayer supports RTSP Streaming?

I am a newbie in video Streaming . I am using jwplayer for my video need. Does it also supports RTSP streaming . If so, How I can play a streaming video via RTSP on jwplayer. Thanks in advance .

How to in RTSP protocol TEARDOWN only one track?

I do: PLAY rtsp://addr/track1 I get ok response and I send another one but for track2. One is for audio and another one is for video, question is: How can I TEARDOWN only one of them only? let's say: TEARDOWN rtsp://addr/track1. Is this even possible or should I just TEARDOWN...

3 seconds latency while streaming with Wowza Server

I'm trying to develop a live streaming application with RTSP protocol. On the PC with the Wowza Server, I execute the following command : Code: ffmpeg -f dshow -i video="Name_Of_My_Cam":audio="Name_Of_My_Microphone" -vcodec h263p -f rtsp -muxdelay 0.1 rtsp://<Wowza_server_ip_adress>:1935/live/test And I'm trying to play this stream on a VideoView on my Samsung...

Set RTSP/UDP buffer size in FFmpeg/LibAV

Note: I'm aware ffmpeg and libav are different libraries. This is a problem common to both. Disclaimer: Duplicate of SO question marked as answered but actually didn't give a proper solution. Insufficient UDP buffer size causes broken streams for several high resolution video streams. In LibAV/FFMPEG it's possible to set...

Gstreamer unable to play audio through rtspsrc

I am having trouble to play the audio from the rtsp server, i have no problem for the video playback, but some error occurred while i tried to play audio, the following is the command used to play video: C:\gstreamer\1.0\x86_64\bin>gst-launch-1.0 rtspsrc location=rtsp:// latency=0 !decodebin ! autovideosink however, when i change...

RTSP stream to virtual video device on Windows 8

I have searched hi and low but I have not found something that could point me to creating a windows application that grabs an rtsp stream (H.264) and flushes it to a virtual video device. I need this so that I can select that virtual video device instead of my...

Is it possible or even allowed to implement QoS on server and client? Live555

I have been looking at RTSP of Live555 and seems they are following RTSP as per definition form IETF. So far they seem to have reporting for transmission (data sent) on the server end, and reception (data received ) client end. I am wondering is it possible to implement send/receive...