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Spring-MVC, Cometd : Check who is typing in chat in Comet

I am working on a Spring-MVC application in which I have implemented chat functionality using Cometd. As a feature, I would like to know if there is any way Cometd has support or some way I can show which user is typing. Ofcourse the user information I can retrieve. Here...

Cometd publishes input data Map instead of waiting for Output from server

I am working on a Spring-MVC application which uses Cometd for chatting. The only problem I am facing is when I send a message from client-side, the client is appending that message directly to server-says, instead of waiting for me to call in the backend the publish mechanism and then...

What factors should take into consideration when choosing between basic AJAX (like HTTP polling) and reverse AJAX (like Long Polling)? [closed]

I know real-time chatting app definitely needs reverse AJAX.But how about other applications that real-time function is not so important? Say there is a notification function like on Stackoverflow. When people answer your question you get a notification. Probably this is not so important for user to get notified immediately...