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Eclipse connection refused when remote debugging

I've been following this tutorial which is how to setup remote debugging. I have my Jar running debug mode listening on port 6065 on my server with the following setting: -Xrunjdwp\:transport\=dt_socket,server\=y,address\=6065,suspend\=n I start the JAR on my server with jar in debug mode with: myApplicationThatContainsJar.exe -debug "my application" > Now...

How to do remote debugging with Browser-sync?

I have installed browser sync with npm. On their website, they have mentioned that it also allows remote debugging. But they have not mentioned that how to do remote debugging. I have used below command to run mysite on browser-sync. browser-sync start --proxy localhost:8080/mysite how can I remote debug that?...

PyCharm add remote Python interpreter inside the Docker

So I have set up a docker on my laptop. I'm using Boot2Docker so I have one level of indirection to access the docker. In PyCharm, I can set a remote python interpreter via SSH but I'm not sure how to do it for dockers that can only be accessed...

Two remote debugging methods

I have a ubuntu server and my app is running in tomcat7. Now I have two methods of remote debugging, as a learner I want to know what is the technical difference between the two or are they both same and I am missing something? Method 1: open file /etc/default/tomcat7...

Problems with Xdebug failing to connect with PHPStorm

I'm trying to get Xdebug working with PHPStorm for a Magento site I'm working on. It is a remote server, and this is my first time setting that up. As best I can tell it's setup correctly, but when I have PHPStorm Listen it never connects. When I click "Debug"...

Sending javascript code to a chrome app via the remote debug protocol

In the context of a unit test I need to send some code to the console of a chrome app I am developing. It's clear that I can do that from the chrome.debug API, but is there a way to do that from outside the browser?

Remote debugging tomcat with OpenShift

I am using openshift for my tomcat webapp. I am able to run the app but unable to debug it. As openshift starts tomcat in debug mode, I was expecting I'll be able to debug. Host: $OPENSHIFT_JBOSSEWS_IP Value of this is for me which I got from command: rhc...

TomCat server configuration not appearing in Intelliji

im trying to set up remote debugging in a tom cat server i have already running. The problem i have is that when i try to edit the run configuration tomcat server is not an option in Intelliji. Here are some images to demo clearly my issue: UPDATE: AFTER Creating...

Setup Xdebug and PHPStorm with remote server

I'm trying to debug a PHP script using Xdebug and PHPStorm on a remote server, and am quite new to remote debugging. I do not have full access to the server but have FTP (not SFTP) access to most of the files (I can't get to php.ini for example). Xdebug...

Weblogic application debugging with eclipse

Hello I saw some 11g tutorials with a Google search: http://saltnlight5.blogspot.com/2014/04/how-to-setup-remote-debug-with-weblogic.html http://java.dzone.com/articles/how-setup-remote-debug They both specify adding something like: JAVA_OPTIONS="$JAVA_OPTIONS -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,address=8000,server=y,suspend=y" Two questions I have is: One, at my work we have domains/domainName/bin/setDomainEnv.sh and in the same "domainName" directory another folder called servers, with a bunch of our servers on it....

How to load WEINRE dynamically?

I do not want to include WEINRE script in head section and I would like to load it on demand (on button click). I tried: $.getScript('http://path-to-weinre-script.js#anonymous') After loading WEINRE script client starts to make calls to /ws/target/t-9X periodically but there is no active targets in WEINRE console. How can I...

PowerShell Debug Invoke-Command

I'm trying to find an easy way to peak inside the ScriptBlock of Invoke-Command. I've read the Hey Scripting Guy blog but they only invoke script files and I'm a bit confused at how this can be done. Can someone tell me how I can have the debugger stop at...

Remote control Eclipse Debug using JDT

I'm writing an application that needs to remote debug using eclipse JDT. The communication between my app and eclipse is fine and I'm using the following methods to manage breakpoints: To add a breakpoint: IJavaLineBreakpoint breakpoint = JDIDebugModel.createLineBreakpoint(...) To remove a breakpoint: IJavaLineBreakpoint breakpoint = JDIDebugModel.lineBreakpointExists(...); breakpoint.delete(); To list all...

Custom Port on VorlonJS

I try to use VorlonJS to debug on remote devices. However it uses the Port 1337 which I am using for LiveReload to my Grunt Tasks. I can configure it Grunt Side but in the Vorlon Side Is there any options? I couldn't see it on Docs

Visual Studio hangs when remote debugging a Cordova iOS app

I use Visual Studio 2013 with 'Tools for Apache Cordova'. In the settings page 'Remote Agent Configuration' of the Cordova tools, I enabled the iOS remote processing. During remote debugging of an iOS Cordova app, Visual Studio hangs when I set a breakpoint to inspect a result of a cordova...

no executable code found at line intellij 14

I am unable to debug remote applications due to: No executable code at line I am running ultimate edition of Intellij, version 14.0.3. My application is running inside tomcat 8 and i'm building it from the command line using Maven. This problem appeared after i switched from the community edition...

Remote debugging on Surface Pro 3

I've installed x64 version of remote debugging components for Visual Studio 2015 on my Surface Pro 3 with Intel Core i3 CPU and recently updated to Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview x64. When I'm trying to debug remotely simple universal application from Visual Studio 2015 RC (development machine runs Windows...

Chrome remote debugging shows device but not inspect link

HI i want to remote debug android app on chrome my device is Qmobile A11 Note with android v4.0.4, googel chrome v42 and cordova v3.7. I have enabled usb debuging on my device. I was following this article My problem is when i open this link in chrome chrome://inspect/#devices it...

How to make Xdebug work on Centos and Zend Studio?

I have two virtual machines: a Debian VM with Nginx and PHP-FPM and a Centos VM with Apache. On the Debian VM Xdebug works. On the Centos one it doesn't. When I start a debug session in my IDE (eclipse based Zend Studio 12.5), the lauchiung progress stopps at 78%:...