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Grails remote control plugin - Spring Security Configuration

Whenever I try to use the Grails Remote Control plugin, I get the following Exception. groovyx.remote.RemoteControlException: Error sending command chain to 'http://localhost:8080/******/grails-remote-control' [test] at groovyx.remote.transport.http.HttpTransport.send(HttpTransport.groovy:65) [test] at groovyx.remote.client.RemoteControl.sendCommandChain(RemoteControl.groovy:114) [test] at groovyx.remote.client.RemoteControl.exec(RemoteControl.groovy:73) [test] at...

Swift. Receive remote control events to work with MPNowPLayingInfoCenter

As I understand, in order to show music player on lock screen, writing the following code is not enough. override func viewDidAppear(animated: Bool) { var mpic = MPNowPlayingInfoCenter.defaultCenter() mpic.nowPlayingInfo = [ MPMediaItemPropertyTitle:"This Is a Test", MPMediaItemPropertyArtist:"Matt Neuburg" ] } My app also should be able to receive remote control events...