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Why am i seeing multiple set-cookie headers?

I'm currently attempting to get the symfony 2.6 remember me functionality to work for my project. I've enabled it exactly according to the cookbook and i can see in my login_check response when using the symfony profiler the remember me cookie being set in the set-cookie header, however this is...

Laravel 4.2: Sentry 2 Remember me function not working

I have tried to log the user in without remembering him (Sentry::authenticate($input, false);) and I get a cookie created, so I don't get disconnected when exiting my browser. Please find my code below Controller public function store() { $this->loginForm->validate($input = Input::only('email', 'password')); try { if( Input::get('remember') ) { Sentry::authenticateAndRemember($input); }...

how symfony2 remember me work without any table for token?

I configure symfony2 to add remember me functionality, but how it work without any table in database to save remember me token. I mean some best practice for remember me cookie like what is said in here

How remember me feature works?

Definition of "Remember Me" feature is When you check the "Remember Me" checkbox at the Portal Login page, your login will be remember for some days, even after you close your browser. The next time you open the same browser within that time period, you will be automatically logged in....

Spring Security + LDAP + CustomLdapAuthoritiesPopulator + RememberMe

I have a little problem with spring security :) What is my goal: Configure LDAP auth with custom roles, fetched from database, and remember me functionality. What is done: LDAP Auth: OK Custom roles for AD users from database: OK Remember me: FAIL My problem is: 'Remember me' works fine,...