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Viewpager: lose the state of toggle button when swiping

I am creating a Gallery with image and like button using Viewpager and PagerAdapter. Please refer to my code: public class GalleryAdapter extends PagerAdapter { private Activity _activity; private ArrayList<MyPhotoItem> _imageCollection; // Components in fullsceen layout ImageView imgDisplay; private ToggleButton btnLike; // Variable for btnLike private boolean isChecked; // constructor...

Recycle the CONTENTS of a folder, but not the folder itself with either a Batch or VBS file

The title pretty much says it all. My goal is to create some kind of file that can be executed by a double click (batch, for example) where I specify (in the file) the path to the folder that, does not need to be sent to the recycle bin, but...

Understanding the ViewHolder pattern

I created an adapter for a ListView which has two types of rows. The ListView has 4 rows. The last row has a different layout, that's why i use the GetItemViewType method in getview I'm trying to understand how the pattern works. I watched this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWsWe9T9HJw to get a better...