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SQL Index Rebuild Script On Specific Table

I'm looking for help modifying the following script or at least making sure it's correct to rebuild the indexes on a table in my database called SearchTable. I'm brand new to SQL and I don't want to destroy anything. SELECT 'ALTER INDEX ALL ON ' + MyDatabaseName.[SearchTable] + ' REBUILD;...

How rebuild a jar file?

I have a jar file with following directory: css/ images/ js/ META-INF/ atlassian-plugin.xml jira_rtl.properties LICENSE I want to change the file.css in css directory and then rebuild the jar file. How Can I do this in Windows 8.1 OS?...

Preference has wrong value when rebuilding PreferenceFragment

I am creating several Color Picker preferences (extended from Preference) in the onCreate method of my Preference Fragment. The colorpickers describe the current design that is active. So when the user picks a new design (in the same PreferenceFragment) all color pickers have to change according to the new design....