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The most efficient way to calculate rankings in real time games [closed]

I want to know the fastest and most efficient way to compute points and ranking in real time. I'm doing a betting football game (a game where users try to predict the outcome of a game before it). In my country is called "Quiniela". Players put "predictions" just before the...

Algorithm/formula to calculate Product ranking on a ecommerce website(Based on following criteria)

I have been Working on algorithms and formulas to find out a score for the products available on my ecommerce website.Basically, I want to calculate some kind of score to rank the products when a user searches it. I'll give some background on the criteria i am planning to define...

R function for weighting teams by strength of opponent?

I'm analyzing some sports data, and I have a set of win/loss records for about 40 teams. I would like to come up with a ranking where each win is weighted by the strength of the opponent. This would have to be some iterative/recursive sort of thing where the weights...