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How do I compile QScintilla and Eric6 on Linux?

First I install QScintilla by following steps: 1: cd Qt4Qt5 qmake qscintilla.pro sudo make make install 2: cd ../designer-Qt4Qt5 qmake designer.pro sudo make sudo make install 3: cd ../Python python3 configure.py --pyqt=PyQt5 sudo make And here I met the problem : QAbstractScrollArea: No such file or directory and problem: qprinter.h:...

Building Qscintilla2 python bindings on Windows7 with MinGW (PyQt4.11, Qt4.8.6)

I've tried to resolve this prolem for about 3days, and I'd finally felt that I need to ask for help by creating my own question. I have Windows 7x64 and Qt4.8.6 installed. I need Python with PyQt and Qscintilla2 to be installed and working. Now I wil describe my last...

QScintilla Font Combo Box Confliction

I am using QScintilla in a Qt program of mine. I have a lexer set, so to change the font I have to change the font of the lexer. I have a font combo box so when I change the font it should change the font of the lexer. However,...