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How to change toString() for primitive types' implicit conversions in Javascript?

As an experiment, I did something like this: Object.prototype.toString=function(){ alert('works!'); } 'test'+{}; // alert is shown However, this doesn't work for primitives: Number.prototype.toString=function(){ alert('works!'); } 'test'+123; // no alert 'test'+(new Number(123)); // no alert (123).toString(); // yes alert Is it possible for primitive implicit conversions to use a custom toString...

I cannot keep the bean stateful when the spring bean is value = “prototype”, proxyMode = ScopedProxyMode.TARGET_CLASS

here is the spring bean: @Repository @Scope(value = "prototype", proxyMode = ScopedProxyMode.TARGET_CLASS) public class TestBean { private String text; public String getText() { return text; } public void setText(String text) { this.text = text; } } and here is the very simple codes to access the bean: TestBean testBean =...

Static methods in JavaScript

If I have a class declared in prototype.js var ClassFoo = Class.create(); ClassFoo.prototype = { initialize: function() { }, type: 'ClassFoo' }; If I declare a method ClassFoo.doBar = function() { log("foobar") } Is it the same as/equivalent to creating a static method in java ? Can an object of...

How to vertically align these elements inside a span?

Here is the prototype I am trying to implement. Here is what I have right now What I am trying to do right now is vertically align all the elements(spans with image and text) - My Account, Cards, Travel, etc.. Here is my HTML and CSS for this section HTML:...

Understanding prototype object creation with 'Object.create()' instead of 'new' keyword

I came to a code that contains these lines var data = function() { function Metadata() { /*some initialization here*/ } Metadata.prototype = Object.create(Backend.prototype); Metadata.prototype.constructor = Metadata; return Metadata; } I struggle to understand what is actually going on, and how to use the returning object. If I understand it...

Copy Javascript “Class” Prototype to an Object

I have a created a class User. It has some properties like: name, id, password, etc. I've set up a constructor like: function User(name1, email, password) { this.name = name1; this.id = __GUID(); this.type = __TYPE; this.addNewEmail(email); this.password = (new Password).createFromRawPassword(password).crypt; } And some prototype functions like: User.prototype.save = function(cb,...