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Smarty in prestashop .tpl, how to print only the value, not the full array

I wish to print only the value "data" of this result : $ZC_HEALTHBAND_DATA Smarty_Variable Object (3) ->value = Array (1) 0 => Array (3) id => "3" option => "ZC_HEALTHBAND_DATA" data => "<table width="100%"><tr><td></td><td ..." ->nocache = false ->scope = "/..." I tried with {$ZC_HEALTHBAND_DATA|@print_r} but that's print both the...

prestashop a new product with features and images through a module

Product information successfully added besides features and image. Here is my code: $product = new Product(); $image = new Image(); $langId = (int) (Configuration::get('PS_LANG_DEFAULT')); $name = Tools::getValue('pr_name'); $product->id_supplier = $arr['pr_supp'][0]; $product->id_manufacturer = Tools::getValue('pr_manuf'); $product->description_short = Tools::getValue('pr_short_desc'); $product->description = Tools::getValue('pr_desc'); $product->quantity = Tools::getValue('pr_cant'); $product->name = array($langId =>...

Getting javascript var from database record in Smarty

I'm working on a PrestaShop page with the file extension ".tpl". I get the javascript code to auto complete like this: var currencies = [ { value: 'Afghan afghani', data: 'AFN' }, { value: 'Albanian lek', data: 'ALL' }, { value: 'Algerian dinar', data: 'DZD' }, { value: 'European euro',...

Split best seller and new arrivals in prestashop

I'll like to split best seller and new arrival blocks in two rows. So there is a title with "NUEVOS" with the new arrivals products then below a title again "LOS MAS VENDIDOS" with the best seller items (removing the "tabs", just titles) Thanks you very much...

Prestashop 1.6 display custom field in Feature Add/Edit form

I am able to display my custom field in Feature Value Add/Edit form by overriding AdminFeaturesController and overriding initFormFeatureValue() function. I want to do the same for Feature Add/Edit form but cannot find function to override. I tried renderForm() function but didn't work. Which file/class/controller/function should I look into to...

Prestashop 1.6 extend max size of product feature value

This is my first question on stackoverflow :) I need to import a csv file with product features values longer than 128 characters. How can I extend the maximum size of product features values in prestashop 1.6?

prestashop css vertical and horizontal centering [closed]

Hi i need help with centering few images on my prestashop webpage. I need help with 3 circles on bottom of the page (not with social icons) . I don't how center the images in circles. Please help...

delphi XE8 REST Interface PUT in prestashop

I'm trying to update a manufacturer in Prestashop through the REST interface. So far I've been able to GET the information, but when I try to PUT, I Always get an HTTP 500 error. try Memo1.Text := '<prestashop><manufacturer><id><![CDATA[804]]></id><name><![CDATA[DisneyLand]]></name></manufacturer></prestashop>'; RESTRequest1.Params.Clear; //authentication does not work with PUT, use token as suffix.... RESTClient1.Authenticator...

Prestashop, in .tpl, how to use smarty variable in