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Start Gif on Mouseover and then Pause Gif at it's end, and have info pop up after?

I have a cell phone img, it's broke then gets fixed then the screen pulls up a notepad(on the cell phone) I don't quite get how to make the mouseover turn the screen fixed then open the notepad on it with the "cart" information, how would this work?

Is it possible to preload an entire HTML5 video source before playing?

Solution I created a working example the accepted answer which uses a XHR and reports loading progress through a bar. It's avaliable here. https://github.com/synthecypher/full-preload Question I've noticed when I create a <video> element with sources and call load() it will load to about 36% and then stops unless you play()...

How to load a large amount of images through jQuery ImagesLoaded

I have a page that loads approx 150+ images into a page. The structure for the image is this: HTML CODE <table class="form-table"> <input type="hidden" name="bgtype" id="bgtype" value="pattern"/> <tr class="wpbp-field-patternbg"> <th style="width:20%"><label for="patternbg">Pattern</label></th> <td><div id="wpbp-pattern-select"> <div class="description">Select a pattern you would like to be applied as the background. Click on...

Check if image exists before loading

I've used examples from various other Stack Overflow questions and for some reason this is not working for me. I made a function to get thumbnail images and return either the actual image path or the path to the default (no thumbnail) image. Using both the JQuery approach as well...

Preload images that will be drawn on fabric.js canvas

Hello I'm building a website where I display images on fabric canvas by hovering over text content on the site. There are many text links connected to many different images. There is always only one image on the canvas being displayed, but there are many in the 'bank'. At every...

Preload image for seamless background image change in JavaScript

I have a Python websocket application which sends an image path to a JavaScript HTML file. When the image path is received, I change the background image of the webpage to the supplied image. The issue I'm having at the moment, is when the background changes from the old image...

Efficient method to preload larger images

I am building a site which is centered around a slide with a lot of large images. I wanted to preload these images so that users don't experience any loading or too much lag while browsing the site. I came across this page and decided to use JavaScript Method #1....

Lag using runAction with a SKLabelNode on swift

I am having a lag issue with this function that is used a lot of times in my app... plusOne(scorelabel.position,plus: 1) And: func plusOne(position: CGPoint, plus : Int) { myLabel.setScale(1) myLabel.text = "+"+String(plus) myLabel.position = position myLabel.hidden = false let action1 = SKAction.scaleTo(2, duration: 0.5) let action2 = SKAction.fadeOutWithDuration(0.5) let...