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Virtualmin 'Feed to Program' can't open file

I'm running Virtualmin on a Centos6 vps server with several domains. I'm trying to send email to an email alias which forwards to a php script. The email is returned undeliverable with the following message... Command died with status 1: "php /home/mydomain/public_html/mail_pipe.php". Command output: Could not open input file: /home/mydomain/public_html/mail_pipe.php...

Using Docker for a mail server

I've been interested in docker for a while, but not jumped in yet. I have a need to set up a mail server, so thought maybe I could use this as a reason to learn more about docker. However, I'm unclear how to best go about it. I've installed a...

possible attack on postfix server

I am afraid that my vps server is being attacked as the postfix logs have hundreds of lines with these messages: May 24 10:50:32 ukvps postfix/smtpd[29971]: warning: hostname xep9.flink.uz does not resolve to address Name or service not known May 24 10:50:32 ukvps postfix/smtpd[29971]: connect from unknown[] May 24...

Mapping Active Directory Users with Postfix

I created an smtp mail server and it was successfully configured using postfix, dovecot, and roundcube. Wanting to add functionality and to get active directory users to authenticate, I chose to use pbis (http://download1.beyondtrust.com/Technical-Support/Downloads/PowerBroker-Identity-Services-Open-Edition/?Pass=True) and found that I was able to easily add to the Active Directory domain ultimately using...

Postfix cannot send email to own domain name from VPS

We had a shared hosting for, let's say myndd.com. then we migrated to a VPS I installed postfix and I'm able to send emails to everyone except addresses from my own domain. The hosting company told me it is normal because the MX zone is managed my mail01.myndd.com, so I...

How to synchronize downloaded emails from clients back to the IMAP server

I have an iRedMail server running (postfix + dovecot as an IMAP server) on a Debian Xen guest machine. By a mistake the iscsi disk, where users emails are stored, was deleted. There is another copy of this disk from December 30th 2014. There is a full backup of users...

Piping emails from postfix under Plesk to Ostickets helpdesk

I'm trying to pipe support emails from my production mail server (Plesk 12 and Postfix) to send them to another VPS hosting my helpdesk installation, I have chosen ostickets helpdesk for many reasons (Open source,PHP/MySQL...) So, the idea is to trigger email reception on some adresses such as [email protected], [email protected]

Error when trying to enable DKIM in Virtualmin

I am trying to enable DKIM signing in Virtualmin per these instructions. When I save the changes, it begins adding DKIM records to the various virtual domains, until it hits a specific domain which has lots of alias domains. It stops with this error: Failed to save DKIM settings :...

How to set up django to send out emails from local MTA?

I am trying to connect to postfix on localhost to send user activation emails. Here is the email settings in settings.py: EMAIL_BACKEND = 'django.core.mail.backends.smtp.EmailBackend' EMAIL_HOST = 'localhost' EMAIL_PORT = 1025 EMAIL_HOST_USER = '' EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD = '' EMAIL_USE_TLS = False DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL = 'Domain <[email protected]>' However each time, when user tries to...

Postfix - connect to[]:10024: Connection refused)

I have a recurring problem with postfix (on Debian Squeeze, amavisd-new and fail2ban are also installed) : All of a sudden, often at night (but not always), mail stop being delivered and the queue fulls up. Log shows a bunch of entries of this style : May 18 19:54:16 ks4000003...

Is it possible to instruct PHP to use postfix configuration in php.ini?

Is it possible to configure PHP to send email using the configuration set for postfix? WordPress (via PHPMailer) relies on these settings to be correct in php.ini: ;SMTP = localhost ; http://php.net/smtp-port ;smtp_port = 25 ; For Win32 only. ; http://php.net/sendmail-from ;sendmail_from = [email protected] ; For Unix only. You may...

Postfix rewrites my return-path

I have been changing my mailing addresses from "example.com" to sub domains - say "mail.example.com" to configure no-reply addresses there. I use "sendmail -f [email protected]" to send emails making sur ethe Return-Path is correct. My mail delivery chain looks as follows: SENDING SERVER --> relay_server --> gateway out For unknown...

Postfix. Restrictions. Send mail from/to specified table

I have ldap table with logins ldapsearch -x -h ldap.server-b 'ou=mail,ou=Groups,dc=my,dc=org' '(&(cn=mailFullAccess)(memberUid=username))' output dn: cn=mailFullAccess,ou=mail,ou=Groups,dc=my,dc=org gidNumber: 5555 memberUid: fred memberUid: bob memberUid: username cn: mailFullAccess Create a LDAP table search_base = ou=mail,ou=Groups,dc=my,dc=org server_host = ldap.server query_filter = (&(cn=mailFullAccess)(memberUid=%u)) result_attribute = memberUid result_format = %u internal_hosts_class scope = sub bind =...