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How to properly exit javaFX Platform.runLater

The code below doest not exit properly when I close the application. I believe the issue is where do i exactly call the system.exit and platform.exit.... hour_Label.textProperty().bind(hour); minute_Label.textProperty().bind(minute); second_Label.textProperty().bind(second); new Thread(() -> { for (;;) { try { final SimpleDateFormat simpledate_hour = new SimpleDateFormat("h"); final SimpleDateFormat simpledate_minute = new SimpleDateFormat("mm");...

Can't add or build ios platform in Cordova 5.0.0

When I go to add ios platform to a boilerplate Cordova project, I'm confronted with this: jondamato$ cordova platform add ios Adding ios project... mv: no such file or directory: project.pbxproj mv: dest is not a directory (too many sources) mv: no such file or directory: /Users/jondamato/cli/cordova/*new/hiworld/platforms/ios/hiworld/__PROJECT_NAME__-Info.plist mv: no such...

x86 DLL Works But Not x64 DLL

I'm trying to include System.Data.SQLite with my project which is coded in C# and uses .NET Framework v4. I'm a little confused... I'm running Windows 8.1 x64 and the platform target for the project is set to Any CPU. If I include the x64 version of System.Data.SQLite.dll then I get...


i guess i'm missing something very obvious here, but it seems to me that the cmake variables CMAKE_FIND_LIBRARY_PREFIXES/CMAKE_FIND_LIBRARY_SUFFIXES are not set to any "decent" default value depending on the current system/settings! i've checked the cmake docs and google, but there seems nothing about it really. for example, a simple CMakeLists.txt...

How to change $(var.Platform) from x86 to Win32 in Wix

I have a Visual C++ 2013 solution including many C++ projects and a WIX installer project. On x64 platform, everything is okay. But On x86 platform, $(OutDirectory)$(Platform)$(Configuration) of C++ projects is ...Win32..., but $(OutDirectory)$(Platform)$(Configuration) of WIX is ...x86... What can I do?

Polymer Project not working on Safari

I'm developing a websites using Paper/Core Elements with HTML Import of Polymer Project. As subjested in some post about Polymer and Polyfill, I have imported 'webcomponents.js' that matches to 'platform.js'. That solved my problem partially, only for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. On Safari its not still working. I'd like...

Standard OS naming scheme [closed]

I am releasing a multi-platform application. It will potentially be released on Windows, OSX, and Linux distributions. Users expect to install it wherever they like, so it will not be a package like RPM. It will be a simple archive file. I plan to put the platform name in the...

Can Someone say what actually “Platform” means?

I am new to embedded and I am confused with this word "Platform" whether it specifies about the 'board' or 'Operating system'? for example some says like "I am working on windows platform" and some says like "The platform I am using is rasperri pi" etc. I know this is...