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Smartcard PKCS11 AES Key Gen Failure

I am attempting to create an AES 256 key on an ACOS5-64 smartcard and OMNIKEY 3121 card reader, using PKCS11 in python (using the PyKCS11 library). So far, all the "standard" operations seem to work with regards to asymmetric crypto. I have run plenty of code samples and pkcs11-tool commands,...

Using j2pkcs11.dll with java 8 (64-bit) on windows 7 (64-bit)

I trying to use the j2pkcs11.dll (packaged with jdk1.8.0 - 64bit) to access certificates stored on a smartcard but not unable to make it work. --- sample code to add the SunPKCS11 provider dynamically --- String pkcs11ConfigSettings = "name = " + "TestSmartCard" + "\n" + "library = " +...