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DotNetHighCharts Pie Chart Labels Show Slice

I am using DotNetHighCharts and playing around with the various chart formats. The Pie Chart labels show “Slice” for each slice of the pie. What parameter is used to change this to the actual name of the slice?

mpandroidchart pie chart(highlights slides disappear)

I'm new at using MPAndroidChart and I'm stuck with this problem. When I draw a PieChart with my values and highlight one of the slices, the color of the other slices disappear. This is the pie chart before selecting a slice(I cannot post pictures because I just created an account):...

pie chart/plot in swift

I've tried so many different ways of add plots package from GitHub or using core plots or combining objective-c into swift, but it appeared so many problems during the process, and during this week I didn't make a successful chart. I'm really depressed. Is there anyone who succeed in creating...

Highcharts Donutchart: Avoid showing duplicate legend with nested charts

I am trying to represent nested data using Highcharts Donut Chart. The charts are generated quite well, however I am having some problems with displaying the legend. Data to be represented: Category A -[High : 20%, | Medium : 50% | Low : 30%] Category B -[High : 10% |...

Kendo pie chart displays only empty area

Despite all the searchs on the internet. I can't find what's wrong with my code. I'm just trying to populate my pie with data from my database. Here is my code: DataAccess function: (this is here i get all the data to populate my pie) public static IEnumerable<PieModel> getTypesForStatistics() {...

Pie Chart transparency, multiple Pies

I would like to stack two pie charts ontop each other. The idea here is then to make one of them smaller so you only can see a outer ring of the pie chart behind. I tried using: chartCalProgres.BackColor = Color.Transparent; chartCalProgres.ChartAreas[0].BackColor = Color.Transparent; But as you can see in...

How to specify labels font size in d3pie?

I'm using d3pie.js as in the basic example and trying to increase labels font size in the following way: var pie = new d3pie("#myPie", { header: { title: { text: "A very simple example pie" } }, labels: { outer: { fontSize: 20 } }, data: { content: [ {...

PrimeFaces Piechart: Tooltips are not displaying in my local environment

I have recreated the example page shown in the primefaces showcase at: http://www.primefaces.org/showcase/ui/chart/pie.xhtml The pie chart successfully display and I am able to tweak the pie chart model for available setters and getters, but hovering over a piece of the pie does not display any tooltip at all. This is...

How can i make bar & pie charts in angular js

I want to make charts, bar chart and pie chart. it has to take inputs from user and maps that input to the chart on run time. Chart has to able to make changes as the user changing it on run time. it will be a great help. Thanks

Chart.js multiTooltip Labels in Pie

I want to show multiple values in pie tool tip. Example: Horror: 30% Action : 45% Comedy : 15% Drama : 10% When hover on the section this should display in tooltip. Is this possible with Chart.js or any other library ? Plz help. Thanks.

Why is this not animating?

I implemented corePlot in my xcode project. I have a pie chart that I'm trying to animate. Here is my code: - (void)configureChart { CPTGraph *graph = self.hostView.hostedGraph; CPTPieChart *pieChart = [[CPTPieChart alloc] init]; pieChart.dataSource = self; pieChart.delegate = self; pieChart.pieRadius = (self.hostView.bounds.size.height * 0.7) / 2; pieChart.startAngle = M_PI_4;...

Asp.net MVC Kendo ui render multiple pie charts

I am trying to render multiple kendo ui pie charts contained within a foreach loop. When rendered, all the tracking items (in Model.TrackingItems) are displayed correctly(which are between the span), however, only the first chart is rendered. There are three items in the Tracking Items in the list, three pie...

How to increase size of pie segment on hover in d3

I created pie chart using d3. How to increase size of pie segment on hover? As you can see, green segment is so small so I want to change it size like red segment. How can I do this? My code: var w = 400; var h = 400; var...

How to remove cursor pointer from d3 Pie chart

Is there an option that disables the "cursor: pointer" style from the c3|d3 pie chart? I simply display slices and on hover just show the % percentage and a label, do not need the pointer because it is misunderstood as a link to somewhere, yet it is the default cursor......

MySQL count all items, aggregate less than as others

I need to fetch data from many mysql 5.6 tables to create a pie chart. As you know, the pie chart is useful if it represents meaningful data. However when you have many non meaningful data points, say less than .. or non important values, the pie chart becomes unclear....

d3 mouse over event doesn't fire correctly if set from function(d)

I am working on a piechart which has a popout animation on mouseover, this is a standard animation I copied from Mike Bostocks example. It works correctly however in my case I have text in the center of the piechart which I would like to change during the mouseover event....

Any third library to draw a Half Pie Chart (Semi Circle) with Animation in iOS?

Anybody knows any third library with permission granted for using it? I need to draw a Half Pie Chart like this, with an animation applied. I want to get something like this: This is what you get with HUChart but it is drawn without an Animation at all. I found...

Multicolored nodes using igraph and vertex.pie

I'd like to create multicolored nodes. I'd like to stay with igraph. I already found the vertex.shape.pie option. Here is some example data: test_fun <- function(color1,color2,len){ vec <- replicate(len,sample(c(color1,color2,NA),1)) return(vec) } set.seed(50) num_nodes<- 20 test_graph <- erdos.renyi.game(num_nodes, 1/6) V(test_graph)$color_1 <- test_fun("darkgreen","blue",num_nodes) V(test_graph)$color_2 <- test_fun("brown","blueviolet",num_nodes) V(test_graph)$color_3 <- test_fun("red","green",num_nodes)...

ZingChart followed mysql tutorial but i want a pie not a bar

I'm pretty new with all this stuff and it may be an easy solution but i can't figure it out. I followed the mysql tutorial for ZingChart and i am able to see my bar i created, but i want a pie chart. <div class="row"> <div class="col-lg-12"> <div class="panel panel-default">...

Unable to show value in piechart from mysql database in php

I want to draw a pie chart where value will be taken from MySQL database. But it is not working. But if I give the manual value then the pie chart is showing. Below is my code: <?php include "libchart/classes/libchart.php"; header("Content-type: image/png"); $chart = new PieChart(500, 260); $con=mysqli_connect("localhost","root","","bkash"); // Check...

pandas pie chart plot remove the label text on the wedge

the pie chart example on pandas plotting tutorial http://pandas.pydata.org/pandas-docs/version/0.15.0/visualization.html generates the following figure: with this code: import matplotlib.pyplot as plt plt.style.use('ggplot') import numpy as np np.random.seed(123456) import pandas as pd df = pd.DataFrame(3 * np.random.rand(4, 2), index=['a', 'b', 'c', 'd'], columns=['x', 'y']) f, axes = plt.subplots(1,2, figsize=(10,5)) for ax, col...

Highcharts Pie Chart: How to ignore disabled legend items

Please see this JSFiddle. In this example, you can see sum of all values at top left corner. If you click on any legend item, it will be disabled, but the total value doesn't reflect it. The text should be updated to not include that disabled item. How can I...

Multiple plot piechart in R

The following code modified from an earlier post produces a plot window containing a pie-chart. I would like to be able to place multiple pie charts in the window, but am having trouble with placement. Successive calls to the pie chart function do not populate the plot in the order...

Matlab: Explicitly specifying pie graph slice color

I'm creating a pie graph. pie([a,b,c,d]); Is it possible to explicitly change the color of the individual slices? For example; if I wanted the slices for a and b to always be green and c and d to always be blue, regardless of their size, how would I do that?...

mysql - query to convert columns into rows

my query : SELECT ID, assiduos_a1, assiduos_a2, max(date) FROM cli_agendados_assiduos WHERE ID = 10357410; wich returns: id assiduos_a1 assiduos_a2 max(date) 10357410 337 508 08/01/2015 14:54:48 but I need the result in rows, like this: Label Value id max(date) assiduos_a1 337 10357410 08/01/2015 14:54 assiduos_a2 508 10357410 08/01/2015 14:54 only in...

Polymer elemento and binding

I have developed a polymer element. In this element I receive some parameters. When I pass [value array] parameter to element does not work. But if I put the values manually, it works. This is the polymer element head: <polymer-element name="nick-viewer-card" attributes="program details link chart"> This is the code problem:...

Group Smaller Slices in Pie Charts to Improve Readability

I want to group data thar have under 10% percentage to be grouped to slice of pie named others. Is it possible? Pie-chart series: [{ type: 'pie', name: 'Browser share', data: [ ['Firefox', 45.0], ['IE', 26.8], { name: 'Chrome', y: 12.8, sliced: true, selected: true }, ['Safari', 8.5], ['Opera', 6.2]...

Include values to the barplot and pie charts in R

I have data in this form: proprete.freq <- table(cnData$proprete) proprete.freq.genre <-table(cnData$genre,cnData$proprete) I am using these functions (barplot and pie) to plot the data: barplot(proprete.freq.genre, col = heat.colors(length(rownames(proprete.freq.genre))) , main="Proprete", beside = TRUE) pie(proprete.freq, col=rainbow(3), names.arg=avis, main="Propreté") Here is the result: Question: How to include the value just on top of...

Chart Building Issue With SQL Server

I am in the process of trying to build a pie chart based on data from a table in SQL Server, Here is my code, both ASP.NET and c#: ASP.NET <script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.11.1/jquery.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="https://www.google.com/jsapi"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> function drawChart() { var options = { title: 'My Bills' }; $.ajax({...

MPAndroidChart PieChart is not showing Markerview

I am implementing Piechart where I want to show Markerview on slice selection, as it is in Barchart. So I set a Markerview for Piechart. mChart = (PieChart) findViewById(R.id.chart1); MyMarkerView mv = new MyMarkerView(this, R.layout.custom_marker_view); mChart.setMarkerView(mv); mChart.getMarkerView().setEnabled(true); I don't want to customize Markerview. I am using the same Markerview as...

How to get color from slice index?

I implemented corePlot in my xcode project. I know there is a way to fill the pie slices color: -(CPTFill *)sliceFillForPieChart:(CPTPieChart *)pieChart recordIndex:(NSUInteger)index; But is there a way to get what color the index's slice is? Example: If I try getting index's 0 color, it would be blue, etc....