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Passing date picked from date picker to another Activity?

I've had issues sending the date to another activity. For some reason the new Intent doesn't accept Datepicker.this and gives me a this is not an enclosing class error. Any help would be appreciated. EDIT: original Problem has been fix but now when i try to pass the date the...

How can I set minDate in DatePickerDialog to be after 2 days

I created a DatePickerDialog in my Activity, and I am trying to set the minDate to after 2 days. For example, today is 25/5/2015, and I want the minDate to be: 27/5/2015 This is the code: final DatePickerDialog dpd = new DatePickerDialog(TestActivity.this,listener,calendar.get(Calendar.YEAR) ,calendar.get(Calendar.MONTH) ,calendar.get(Calendar.DAY_OF_MONTH)); DatePicker dp = dpd.getDatePicker(); dp.setMinDate(//I want...

How to set a start date and end date to a condename One picker

I need some help to set a start and an end date to a codenameOne picker : for example I want my picker to display just date between current date and current date+20 .

Comparing Index At Object

I'm new to objective C and i'm stuck on my assigment. I have searched questions but none seem to answer my specific needs, hope you guys can help! :) I'm making a picker view with 2 components; one with the all the united states and one with their capitals. Now...

Autofocus on iOS automatically displays picker

I'm working on a web app that features a number of regions that are dynamically shown and hidden throughout use of the application. As the application is striving for WCAG Compliance, I have logic in place that causes the first selectable input of any region that is activated receive focus...

Swift spinner/picker isn't holding or showing integers

I'm trying to figure out why my spinner won't hold integers. When I run the program, question marks appear in the spinner instead of 1,2,3,4 and so on all the way up to 100. I'm new to Swift and this is my very first time working with the spinner/Picker. My...

Displaying a Picker View selection in another ViewController in Swift

I am fairly new to Swift and am trying to have the item I select in my picker view display on a label on another screen. I know that when I want pass data from one page to another I need to use the prepareForSegue function but I cant figure...

How do I change Time zone in android?

I have an edit text with time picker. When I clicked on the edit text getting time picker dialog. If I select 10:00 PM edit text should display 10:00 PM, but I m getting 22:00 PM. How can I change this? My coding part given below.. protected void showTime() {...