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include two PHP files in one html file is not working

I have two php files which are doing some database work so i want to show them on single page so i created an html file and include both of the php files, this methods work well every time i use but not working now, please help to solve. Both...

Is it required to include any files from gomoob:php-pushwooshto to run a PHP program to send push notifications to iPhone?

I want to send push notifications to iPhone devices by writing PHP code for it. gomoob:php-pushwoosh is a PHP Library that easily work with the pushwoosh REST Web Services. This is the URL for gomoob:php-pushwoosh As per the instructions I've installed gomoob:php-pushwoosh on my local machine using Composer at location...

Global variable isn't accessible inside my Wordpress function. Why not?

I am working in wordpress, and have a function in functions.php. This is meant to set a number of variables based on the context the variable is used in. But there's a problem. I am using the function in an included template file, and the function is intended to work...

Is it secure to use include() to connect to server and database?

Is it secure to use a PHP file with connection parameters, and include that file to the page? example: include("connect.php"); connect.php: $con=mysqli_connect('localhost','root','','database') or die(mysqli_connect_error($con)."- In line: ".__LINE__); mysqli_set_charset($con,'utf8'); ...

PHP Shuffle Include(ed) Files

I'm trying to use SHUFFLE function to show FILE1.php or FILE2.php at random. Here is my code: <?php $banner1 = include 'file1.php'; $banner2 = include 'file2.php'; $banners = array( $banner1, $banner2); shuffle($banners); print $banners[0] ?> The problem I have - if instead of doing include 'file1.php'; i just use text...

Include PHP File and execute it multiple times

Yeah I know this is probably not the best way to perform this. However I have a script which I would like to call multiple times with parameters and hand over two variables. The code I have so far looks like this: $testfeld = array('User1'=>'400028', 'User2'=>'400027' ); foreach($testfeld as $key=>$value)...

PHP: how to check if a given file has been included() inside a function

I have a PHP file that can be include'd() in various places inside another page. I want to know whether it has been included inside a function. How can I do this? Thanks.

PHP include / undefined variable

I am aware there are more topics on this matter, I've read them, but I did not found the answer. I have an index.php, that contains a bunch of .php includes: header.php, navigation.php, box.php, footer.php, and inside the "pages" div, I have the one that needs to be different (based...