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No .BSS in PE file

Here is short console application example static char buffer[4096]; int main() { for(int i=0;i<4096;i++) { buffer[i] = 1234; } return 0; } As I understand, 'exe' file produced by the compiler should contain .bss section to store 'buffer' variable. I'm using Tiny C Compiler and resulting file does not contain...

How to Extract the Resouce Content From MSIL OR .NET PE Files

Please check the Image link, i need to extract the resource content from the MSIL file. I have debugged the file using ILSpy but i need to do it in any other way. with out using any manual intereption. http://i.stack.imgur.com/ZQdRc.png...

CPU registers state on the very start of the app. PE executables

Platform: Windows XP, average PE file What defines CPU registers initial values on the very start of the application ? On the screenshot below OllyDbg stopped at the application entry point. But CPU registers already have some values(EDX == KiFastSystemCallReg?), PF/ZF==1, stack is not empty as well(SEH chain?). Does it...

How to diffrentiate 16 bit MZ and 32 bit MZ

I need to differentiate a 32 bit PE from a 16 bit DOS MZ. What is the correct way to do it? I can use heuristics like looking for the PE header, but I feel like it's not necessarily deterministic

Exec reference libraries

I have an application I made with a reference to an external library. I need to send it over to a computer which does not have Visual Studio and execute it, so I figured I'd compile the whole thing and send the executable. The problem is, although on my computer...