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Promag Card Reader PHP Accessing

I have promag 310 card reader. It is connect to PC with com port. I want to access card ID with PHP xampp in windows platform. I add php_pcsc.dll to extension folder. And I update php.ini with it. then I wrote this code: $context = scard_establish_context(); $readers = scard_list_readers($context); print_r($readers);...

Unable to construct VERIFY_PIN_DIRECT control command

I'm writing a JAVA-app to access my OpenPGP-Card V2.0. The card terminal im using is a "REINER SCT cyberJack RFID standard" which only supports PC/SC under OSX, and now I want to implement the PC/SC 2.0-command "VERIFY_PIN_DIRECT". I tried the following control sequence, the bytes after the | are the...

How to read binary blocks of mifare card?

I develop application which read NFC card from the reader. I know the code for read binary block like this: FF B0 00 04 10 04 for the block 4 and 10 for 16 bytes data. My card has the data "TEST009996". I run 5 code for read binary blocks...