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Not able to fetch data from parse.com

I am using the Parse SDK for Android. I am not able to retrieve the data I stored in the cloud. I stored it manually using the Parse dashboard by creating a class called "Average" and creating a few rows. One of the columns is "squarefeet". I want to retrieve...

Querying a Parse database to get the data from one single column within a Parse data Class

HelloI'm playing around with Parse, I've managed to create a cloud database with two classes/tables, Users and Posts, I'm able to register and login users and allow them to make posts to the database. I'm now trying to work out how to query the database and get the data that...

Calling a parse function asynchronously

I have to fetch some data from the parse cloud. I'm using the parse sdk for android. How do I call the method findInBackground asynchronously in my activity? Essentially, where do I place this piece of code in my Activity? Below is my code: ParseQuery<ParseObject> query = ParseQuery.getQuery("Average"); query.whereEqualTo("squarefeet", area);...