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Measure website loading time with screenshots each second

Is there a software, online tool or script to meaure how fast a website loads and also includes screenshots of the website second by second during the time the page loads?

MixItUp vs PageSpeed Insigths

PageSpeed Insights says “Remove render-blocking scripts” and list jquery.mixitup.min.js :_( But the script is included at the bottom of the page (and minified), and the functions that use MixItUp is also on the bottom of the page! I don’t know what can I do. Any suggestions please? Thanks a lot....

Array of stylesheets to optimize CSS delivery

I'm currently using this code to optimize my css delivery, but this is for one stylesheet only. How can I edit this to accept an array of stylesheets? This code has been taken from suggestions at Google PageSpeed Insights developers.google.com/speed/docs/insights/OptimizeCSSDelivery Also, if there's a simpler code snippet to use which...

I want to defer parsing of javascript, i have done some modifications but how to i check if they are working or not

I am using wordpress for my website. Now i want to improve my website speed i have checked it on google page speed test and gtmetrix there are certain errors like parsing of javascript, compreess images, minify html, minify css, etc. Then i started search to fix those erros, So,...

How check if pages still not full loading after 12 second, using javascript

I want this code top.location.href= 'http://myweb.com/super-minimal-page.html'; only target devices that take a long time to load my page (maybe more than 12 second still not full loading my page).