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Can't change PagerTabStrip Selected Text Color

Ok all I'm trying to do is change the Text color of the currently selected PagerTabStrip, I already checked out this answer and it didn't help. What am I doing wrong, and where is .setTextColor()? It should be noted that I'm using CustomPagerSlidingTabStrip. @Override public void onPageSelected(int position) { pagerTabStrip.getChildAt(position).setBackgroundColor(getResources().getColor(R.color.dark_blue));...

Custom PagerTabStrip how to disable switching tabs via click - Not Working

I want to disable the "switching tabs by clicking on tab name" of the PagerTabStrip based on a condition. I think the following code is right but I am still able to switch tabs by clicking on the tab names. I was able to disable the switching of tabs via...