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When to use startOptimizelyAsync() method from Optimizely Android SDK

The Android SDK for Optimizely includes the method Optimizely.startOptimizelyAsnyc() However, the only documentation for it exists here and is quite lacking. I can't find any other documentation or mention of it on the web. I would like to use this method instead of the regular startOptimizely recommended in the quickstart,...

How to use Optimizely.dispatchEvents() method from Optimizely Android SDK

The quickstart guide for the Optimizely Android SDK includes the following example: private void userClickedImportantButton() { Optimizely.trackEvent("ImportantButtonClicked"); Optimizely.dispatchEvents(); // Manually send the event logs back to the server } This can be found here However, the example is incorrect and doesn't actually work - it appears that dispatchEvents() is an...