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FI-LAB:Object storage authentiaction

I have community account in Lannion2 node, they have working ObjectStorage GE implementation (at least it works via cloud menu). The problem is I cannot access the ObjectStorage API beacause of authentication procedure. It seems the authentication API for ObjectStorage changed since cloud changed IDM on May 2015. Does anyone...

Python-swiftclient: what is the general usage procedure?

The project I am currently working on requires me to upload and download files to and from swift object storage on an Openstack cloud instance. I have all of the API information required to login to the Openstack instance, but I can't figure out how to use the swiftclient from...

Does Openstack Swift Object server know quorum configuration?

Appreciate your help to clarify some doubts regarding Openstack swift Quorums. 1) Who actually knows the quorum configurations? Is it proxy or Storage server? 2) When the proxy sends the request to the object server, does that request include the quorum configuration for the object?

is there a way to automate OpenStack Swift operations with Ansible

I'm currently working on developing an OpenStack based private cloud offering, and a question of Swift automation came up. We are using Ansible to automate Nova compute tasks, and I was wandering if there was an Ansible module for automating Swift operations. In particular, I'm interested in automation of creating...

Can't get tokens from Runabove API (Openstack swift)

I'm writing a python scripts which uses OpenStack and Runabove APIs. I want to generate a token from the Runabove API which will be used to connect to SwiftClient. run = Runabove(app_key, app_secret, consumer_key) token = run.tokens.get() It comes from there: https://github.com/runabove/python-runabove/blob/master/examples/openstack/openstack.py (lines 82 -> 85) This code raises: raise...

Accessing files stored in Swift object from inside a OpenStack VM instance

I have uploaded some zip archive files to Swift object store and marked them as public. I want to download these files from inside a VM instance. I am running CentOS 7 in the VM. Is it possible to do it ?...