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Unity C# OnMouseDown() does not work.. Why?

I have an issue with the OnMouseDown() event. The object this script belongs to is a computer cabinet which can be clicked to execute certain actions. But i'm stuck right on square 1.. I have tried to search the web for this issue for some time now, but allmost nobody...

Show drop down menu onmousedown without loosing onclick functionality

I try to get a drop down menu to work as most drop down menus seem to work, i.e. as soon as the mouse button is pressed on the trigger the drop menu shows up. Seems rather easy with some css and javascript but it turns out to be a...

Console logger called twice on one mousedown

I am experiencing a strange problem with jQuery's onmousedown. I have a plugin, to which you can assign buttons and add some options, like so: $.lollipopbutton(".buttons button", { bubble_color: "rgba(0,0,0,1)" }); One thing that happens in this plugin is that when you click the buttons, an animation will trigger. However,...