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replace camlp4 with camlp5 in utop

I'm working with OCaml code that needs camlp5; however, the toplevel (I'm using utop) automatically loads the newer, incompatible camlp4. These are the startup messages: Findlib has been successfully loaded. Additional directives: #require "package";; to load a package #list;; to list the available packages #camlp4o;; to load camlp4 (standard syntax)...

Ocamlfind command not found

I'm running into an issue installing a package that's reliant on ocamlfind but I'm getting an ocamlfind: command not found error when making. I have installed ocamlfind with the ocaml package manager and have tried reinstalling using "opam reinstall ocamlfind". I have also tried the 'eval opam config env' command...

oasis picks up wrong ocamlbuild

I try to compile an Ocaml project with an Ocaml version provided by Opam. My ocamlbuild, ocamlfind, and oasis seem OK : /Users/fred/.opam/4.02.1/bin/ocamlbuild dhcp-182-73:compil fred$ which ocamlfind /Users/fred/.opam/4.02.1/bin/ocamlfind dhcp-182-73:compil fred$ which oasis /Users/fred/.opam/4.02.1/bin/oasis But when I try to compile, it seems that a wrong version of ocamlbuild is called, and...