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completion handler in method which request information from server

I have a method which send request to server and i have created the call to that function with completionHandler as follows: -(void)sendAddSubscriptionRequest:(NSString*)owner withComppletionHandler:(void (^)(BOOL, NSArray *, NSError *))completion dataWebService = [[NSMutableData alloc] init]; NSURL* aUrl = [NSURL URLWithString:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"https://www.google.com/add?"]]; NSMutableURLRequest* request = [NSMutableURLRequest requestWithURL:aUrl cachePolicy:NSURLRequestUseProtocolCachePolicy timeoutInterval:30.0]; [request...

Replace AppDelegate.h and AppDelegate.m to AppDelegate.swift

I just have a Objective-C project and I want to use AppDelegate to access to my xcdatamodel, but when I add AppDelegate.swift to my project it show me a compile problem, it is error because it doesn't know what AppDelegate use and what is the main. Then I tried to...

Is there an API to do POST request on database?

The data that I want to send to server is of the form - id : patient ID email : patient Email password: patient password datesel:Date selection description:Description of document name:Name of Document type:document type image:uploaded file(can be image or file) Output {data:{status=0/1,message:" "}} Is there an existing API to...

Release Command still working Xcode

I have old project that uses manual memory management. My new projects are using ARC. How can I convert my old project to use ARC as well?

NSURLResponse comes quickely in Simulator but on actual Device it comes after some time or returns NULL

I am creating a application which calls Web service on every view-controller.The Application runs fine on Simulator but on actual device, it runs very slowly or sometimes it returns null response that's why app crashes due to null response from sever.Is there any solution to solve this issue.I am very...

Find addresses from array and send it other view

I'm trying to do simple thing. I want to find an array of addresses and show it on map. But then I need to pass data to another view. The problem is: I need to pass data from dictionary which contains address, so, I need to know which exactly address...

Is there any open source tool for distributing .ipa or apk file (enterprise .ipa file) without pushing on Appstore or play store

I just would like to know, is there any possible ways for sending enterprise .ipa (Not developer or ad-hoc or app-store) through any open source tool. If yes please suggest me that tool or software. Actually flow is like we will send the .ipa file to the users by email...

Constant Declaration in swift

I have a constant string defined as #define kNotificationMessage @"It's time to take your %@" In objective C i use [NSString stringWithFormat:kNotificationMessage, medicineString] as the message to the UIAlertView . How do we achieve this in swift...

Tesseract integration to my Project on xCode 6.3 iOS 8.3

I'm really digging the web and stackoverflow questions but none of them does not solve my problem. I'm trying use Tesseract OCR in my iOS Project, but integration did not go what I expected. I follow the instructions in this blog and I did the all things but still I...

how i can solve Image auto resize in iphone 4 5 6 6+

I give three types of image like image.png [email protected] [email protected] but not working image autoresize in all device....