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Secure Box in JCOP card

JCOP V2.4.2 Revision 3 Security Target: Page 11-12 A Secure Box concept is implemented within JCOP 2.4.2 R3. The Secure Box is a construct which allows to run non certified third party native code and ensures that this code cannot harm, influence or manipulate the JCOP 2.4.2 R3 operating system...

ARM interrupts from the beginning (Cortex-M4)

I am dealing with a new microcontroller LPC4088 from NXP. I needed 2 weeks to study and write a working examples for peripherals: IOCONFIG, GPIO, TIMERS, PWM and ADC. Please take a look at my repositories here. This is how you will get a feeling for how I work and...

5 years later - NXP ADCs aren't working

Some time ago I was trying to programm the ADC on the NXP's LPC3143 withouth sucess. Now 5 years later I buy myself an LPC4088 Quick start board and try it with LPC4088. And again the same problem persists with ADC! I just can't seem to make it work while...