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Split double-digit NSInteger into Two NSIntegers

I am trying to figure out how to take a double-digit NSInteger on iOS (like 11) and turn it into 2 separate NSIntegers, each looking like "1". It will always be just 2 digits in the NSInteger, no more, no less, and no decimals.

Implicit conversion loses integer precision in ZLib compression method

Implicit conversion loses integer precision: 'unsigned long' to 'uInt' (aka 'unsigned int') I am trying to update my application from 32bit to 64bit, since changing the architecture I have recived an error as decribed above. I have a method that takes NSData that is zlib compressed and returns the...

NSNumber numberWithInt:nnid error

I get this error: Implicit conversion loses integer precision: 'NSInteger' (aka 'long') to 'int' and it points at nnid. How can I fix this? // databaseden haberleri cek -(NSMutableArray *)getNews: (NSInteger)nnid { [database open]; FMResultSet *results = [database executeQuery: @"SELECT * FROM news WHERE newsubid = ? order by ndate...