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call json web api nopcommerce

Hi I am new for nopcommerce 3.5. I need to write a restful web service api to third party(for eg mobile) access the service. I know that we can access through Nop.Plugin.Misc.WebServices . I had enable the service from administrator site. But now is my question. How can i call...

How to translate words in JS in multilingual website?

Am using nopCommerce, version 3.50. My site is multilingual: Russian, English, Espanol. There is a script for showing product images — magnific-popup. So, when you click on photo it appears in a script box (like fancybox) and there are some titles like "Loading.., Close (Esc), Next, Previous, 1 of 2"....

Use a Nop Service outside of a controller?

I'm writing a custom validation attribute for validating zip\postal codes. For it to work I absolutely need to know the selected country. But it turns out to be surprisingly difficult to do. In most view models nop passes the country using its id, which means I need to decipher it....

How to solve No parameterless constructor defined for this object error in Mvc?

I am creating one demo application to learn how to use repository pattern for performing Insert operation.I am using Nop Commerce**(http://www.nopcommerce.com) **code for repository pattern Error:No parameterless constructor defined for this object I have seen this link:MVC: No parameterless constructor defined for this object This is my Structure: My Repository...

I can't call Widget for a new Admin Plugin in NopCommerce

I Create a New plugin to manage back Office menus, I implement the interface IWidgetPlugin to create a new widget zone : public IList<string> GetWidgetZones() { return new List<string>(){ "ebm_MenuManager_BackOffice" }; } And I had called this widget zone from one view "_AdminLayout.csHtml" under Nop.Admin project with the extended helper...

Access Country/State lists from NopCommerce plugin

Does Nop give you the ability to populate dropdown lists with country/state info? I realize that I could query the tables dbo.Country and dbo.StateProvince but was hoping for an easier solution

Get current CategoryModel filled with data from Nop to my plugin

Could you please help me on the following? I am developing a plugin in nop commerce and I need to get the current CategoryModel from nop.web. How I can get it filled with the appropriate data into my plugin? I tried using the EngineContext.Current.Resolve<CategoryModel>(); but it fails.Hope it is clear....

Nop Commerce automatically redirecting to different URL

I am having a very peculiar issue. For some specific url nop website redirects to another url. For example - This is the url that is supposed to go - when clicked or even pasted in address bar, I debugged the code and in the application_beginrequest method notice the url...

How to return plain/text robots.txt in AngularJS

I want to return plain/text to http://domain.com/robots.txt asp.net mvc Common controller public ActionResult RobotsTextFile() { var disallowPaths = new List<string>() { "/bin/", "/content/files/", "/content/files/exportimport/", "/country/getstatesbycountryid", "/install", "/setproductreviewhelpfulness", }; var localizableDisallowPaths = new List<string>() { "/addproducttocart/catalog/", "/addproducttocart/details/", "/boards/forumwatch", "/deletepm", "/emailwishlist", "/inboxupdate", ... }; const string newLine = "\r\n";...

Why repository pattern is extensively used in entity framework as though it is complex?

I am creating a demo project which contains crud operations using a repository pattern and dependency injection. This is my structure: Approach 1 (very popular, used by many developers) My repository interface: public partial interface IRepository<T> { void Insert(T entity); } My service layer: public partial interface IEmployeeService { void...