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How do I run a simultaneous scan in nmap?

I am trying to run a simultaneous nmap scan to do the following http://i.stack.imgur.com/7skvt.png I have divided what I need to do into 2 parts nmap -sN -p 21-25,80,139,8080 nmap -T 5 -sU -p 53,11 thevictim.com/16 How do I run them as a simultaneous scan? Also, are my above commands...

nmap shows random open ports on localhost for a fraction of a second

When I scan myself I will often see random open ports: nmap -sT -T normal -p 1-65535 localhost E.g. 43194/tcp open unknown 58167/tcp open unknown Sometimes nothing, sometimes a couple like that. I see however that this has been a false positive before, but it is now very old: http://seclists.org/incidents/2002/Dec/136...

What is a 'disallowed entry' when nmap scans through the Robots.txt file?

I have been using nmap to scan an IP address, and one part of the output is: | http-robots.txt: 1 disallowed entry What does this mean? | http-robots.txt: 1 disallowed entry ...

nmap: Which version did OS scan and MAC address start needing root permissions?

I would like to run the OS identification abilities of nmap and be able to get the MAC address of a device with out sudo privilege. In which versions did this change?

Reading lines of a file into a subprocess in Python

So I'm trying to read a list of IP addresses from a .txt into a subprocess (Nmap) in Python. It's also worth asking if the problem could be the use of quotes or not. Here's the code: addressFile = raw_input("Input the name of the IP address list file. File must...

Nmap shows that port 5222 is closed but pidgin which uses xmpp(5222) is running. How is this possible?

I am learning to use Nmap. I set up pidgin which uses port 5222(xmpp) for chatting. But when I scan my ports, port 5222 is shown as closed. But chat is working. How is this possible?

Service dies when Nmap is run

I am having a weird problem. I have a service running on port 8888 on one of my many servers in a cluster. When I run nmap on my gateway to get all the IPs inside my network, this service miraculously dies. Since nmap does a port scan too, It...

Error import nmap into python

I installed nmap module for python. While i was importing nmap,it received error. This error is attribute error. Command line: [email protected]:~/Desktop# python nmap.py Traceback (most recent call last): File "nmap.py", line 2, in <module> import nmap File "/root/Desktop/nmap.py", line 3, in <module> nm = nmap.PortScanner() AttributeError: 'module' object has no...

calling nmap from pythons subprocess module using check_output function is not working

I want to use a python script to use nmap. I realize there is a package for python-nmap. But I want to create a simple script that interprets the output of nmap command then does some more things depending on it's output. Attempting to use check_output("nmap") like this link does:...

Nmap and grepping of its results

folks.i would like to do reverse dns resolution using nmap where the output will be like below Ip address resolved name how do i go about it using grep, thanks ...

Scanning using nmap

folks.Is there away to use nmap to scan for open resolvers in ones network.I have this command from the nmap page but it seems itsnot working nmap -sU -p 53 --script=dns-recursion <target> ...