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How to add non-Haskell dependencies to a cabal2nix generated shell.nix

I use cabal2nix to generate shell.nix files. However I can't figure out how to add non-Haskell package dependencies to a shell.nix file. Below is a simple shell.nix file example generated by cabal2nix --shell. How would I edit it to do what I want? with (import <nixpkgs> {}).pkgs; let pkg =...

how does nix know what binary a machine needs?

They write it in the nix documentation: However, Nix can automatically skip building from source and instead use a binary cache, a web server that provides pre-built binaries. For instance, when asked to build /nix/store/b6gvzjyb2pg0…-firefox-33.1 from source, Nix would first check if the file https://cache.nixos.org/b6gvzjyb2pg0….narinfo exists, and if so, fetch...

What is haskellng? What is the difference between 'haskellPackages' and 'haskellngPackages'?

I have been reading this StackOverflow post in which we are advised to use the haskellng package set. I have also read this but I did not understand what haskellng is. I have read this too, but I still don't know what haskellng is. Could someone please explain what haskellng...

How to copy a nix profile

Is it possible to copy a Nix user profile or a configuration to another users or hosts ? I mean, let's say I installed some package using nix-env -i. How can I copy this environment and use it somewhere else ? Same question for NixOs configuration. I can create a...

Is Nix Php-ready?

I'm new to Nix and quite excited about it (I've been using it so far for Haskell). I'm planning to use it to deploy Php applications. However, how Nix deals with Php packages (installed normally or with pear).

Installing Haskell packages through Nix

Specifically, I'm trying to install Haste through nix. I can see a hasteCompiler entry in nixpkgs/pkgs/top-level/haskell-packages.nix, and the appropriate .nix file in nixpkgs/pkgs/development/libraries/haskell/haste-compiler/ but I'm not sure how to install it. Specifically, none of nix-env -i haste nix-env -i haste-compiler nix-env -i haskell-haste-compiler do what I want, and nix-env -qa...