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Google Play: Declaring an App is Only for TVs

I'm trying to publish an Android TV app, but the developer console is saying: "You need to add at least 2 non-Android TV screenshots." But this apk is only for Android TV, since there's another apk specific for tablets and phones. How can I target only Android TV? Also, I...

getLaunchIntentForPackage is null for some apps

I'm building a service that sends a list of installed apps from an Android TV or a Fire TV to a mobile phone. The phone then sends back the package name of the app it wants to launch and the service launches it. This is the code that creates the...

How to Enable USB Debugging on Nexus Player? (Android TV)

I am trying to debug my app on the Nexus Player hardware. I enabled the developer mode, turned USB Debugging on, and connected the cable. However, I don't see any message like the one below as stated here: https://developers.google.com/cast/docs/android_tv#adb-usb In the Allow USB debugging? dialog, select Always allow from this...