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Google Play: Declaring an App is Only for TVs

I'm trying to publish an Android TV app, but the developer console is saying: "You need to add at least 2 non-Android TV screenshots." But this apk is only for Android TV, since there's another apk specific for tablets and phones. How can I target only Android TV? Also, I...

How to Enable USB Debugging on Nexus Player? (Android TV)

I am trying to debug my app on the Nexus Player hardware. I enabled the developer mode, turned USB Debugging on, and connected the cable. However, I don't see any message like the one below as stated here: https://developers.google.com/cast/docs/android_tv#adb-usb In the Allow USB debugging? dialog, select Always allow from this...

getLaunchIntentForPackage is null for some apps

I'm building a service that sends a list of installed apps from an Android TV or a Fire TV to a mobile phone. The phone then sends back the package name of the app it wants to launch and the service launches it. This is the code that creates the...