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Nexus equivalent for web development

I've been using Maven and Nexus for Java backend development for quite some time, with very good results. With web development, I started using the "usual suspects": Bower, Yeoman, NPM, Grunt, ... What is the best way to managed project dependencies? I'd love to install a Nexus equivalent that would...

Odd file naming using wget with Nexus Rest API

I have a script that pulls .war artifacts from our nexus repository using wget to pull the artifacts via the Nexus Rest API. The url that I hit with wget is similar to this: http://our.nexus.net:8081/nexus/service/local/artifact/maven/redirect?g=com.somecompany&a=SomeArtifact&v=1.0.0&r=releases&p=war It works fine in our dev environment, and pulls an artifact with the name SomeArtifact-1.0.0.war....

Nexus uses old version after upgrade

I am using Nexus OSS (v2.5.1-01) on a Windows 7 Enterprise Environment (x86). As this is a very old version I wanted to update it to the newest version (2.11.1-01). As I had nothing to do with the installation and configuration of the original system, managing the Nexus is a...

Local Nexus repository pulls everything but the main jar through POM dependency

Our local Nexus repository seems inconsistent in downloading dependencies. It will pull down the pom, and even test jars etc... but not the main actual jar I need! So when I Browse Indexes on our Central (proxy) repository for drools-compiler: org/drools/drools-compiler I see the following files: drools-compiler-6.2.0.CR4-javadoc.jar drools-compiler-6.2.0.CR4-sources.jar drools-compiler-6.2.0.CR4-test-sources.jar drools-compiler-6.2.0.CR4-tests.jar...

Maven resources plugin dependency

I am trying to retrieve my project dependencies from a local network accessible maven nexus repository. I have setup a repository entry in my settings.xml as well as an entry to the proxy. To do this Netbeans says it needs to build the project before it can retrieve the dependencies....

Local Nexus Maven repository for common java libraries

We have a Nexus install that has a collection of commonly used java dependencies (commons-codec, jodatime etc.) The directory structure is similar to the below commonjavalibraries | |_ commons-codec | |_commons-codec | |_1.2 |_ commons-compress |_commons-compress |_1.3 I am in the process of adding the latest version of these dependencies...

Nexus / Maven - The POM for … is missing, no dependency information available

I'm facing a bunch of warnings like "The POM for ... is missing, no dependency information available" while building my maven java project. The artifacts are stored in the Nexus server hosted in our company. The problem started after I scheduled a task in Nexus to "Remove Releases From Repository"...

Is there a way to trigger a Jenkins build after publishing an npm package to Sonatype Nexus?

Is there a way to trigger a Jenkins build after publishing an npm package to Sonatype Nexus? I've been clicking through Sonetype's docs for Nexus and exploring my Nexus admin console. I've also tried searching for some plugins but I'm not sure if I'm not using the right terminology or...

How to create a YUM proxy with Nexus OSS on Windows

Version: Nexus OSS 2.11.2-03 OS: Windows 7 Professional Error: "createrepo" not available and "mergerepo" not available For clarity sake, I am trying to create a yum proxy using Nexus OSS on Windows7. Now, I get it that creating a yum repo/proxy on windows is a bit counter intuitive, but that's...

Error while trying upload Artifact to Nexus 2.9

I'm updating some POMs and artifacts to a Nexus server 2.9. Then I got this message: Artifact upload failed. Could not store item to repository "Releases" [id=releases], path ResourceStoreRequest{requestPath='/br/com/x/core/x-core/1.8.0/x-core-1.8.0.pom', requestContext=RequestContext{[email protected], parent=null}, pathStack=[], processedRepositories=[], appliedMappings={}}(GAVCE=br.com.x.core:x-core:1.8.0:c=null:e=jar, for "Releases" [id=releases]) ...

List of all artifacts from Nexus repository

Within my application I deploy generated artifacts to a certain (hosted) Nexus repository. From another instance of my application I want to know all artifacts that have been deployed to that repository. I studied the Nexus REST API but couldn't find a way to get that information. Does anybody know...

updated nexus from 2.6.2 to 2.11.1 fail

I'm trying to update nexus from 2.6.2 to 2.11.1 but I see errors in logs related to p2 plugin(it seems that in newer version that functionality is in the box). What should I do ?

Nexus keeps saying “Remote automatically blocked and unavailable” for Eclipse P2 remote repository

I added Eclipse P2 repository as proxies to my Nexus, but after checking the status for a while, the status turns to "Remote automatically blocked and unavailable". I configured for example the remote URL http://download.eclipse.org/eclipse/updates/4.4/ with repository type P2. Is that correct and should it work like that? I thought...

Using nexus deployment role - Error installing artifact's metadata - Authorization failed

When executing mvn deploy with a user with the Nexus Deployment Role granted I am getting the following error message. Error installing artifact's metadata: Error while deploying metadata: Authorization failed: Access denied to: http://maven.mydomain.com/content/repositories/releases/testing/testapp/maven-metadata.xml This must have something to do with missing some missing permission to update the maven-metadata.xml file...

Accessing GitHub using NPM on Sonatype Nexus

We're currently using Nexus 2.10, and have successfully used it as a repo for npm. Building locally through this proxy/mirror works fine, but when trying to run npm install on Bamboo (which doesn't have internet access), it fails, as some dependency tries to reach GitHub to download something, which fails....

Relation between Jenkins and Nexus

Can someone please let me know what is the relation between Jenkins and Nexus. I'm new to this area so pardon me if this is a stupid question.

Maven release : Is there a way to prevent a module to be uploaded to Nexus?

I have a multi modules Maven project : a parent and three child modules. I want all of the modules to be built when I run mvn clean package on the parent. But I would also like one of those module to not be uploaded to Nexus when using mvn...

Does the main Nexus repository have to be named: “central”?

G'day all ... I have been looking at stackoverflow about the use of a local or cluster nexus repository. Anyway I've had a Nexus repository on my PC and my laptop for a number of years with little bother. I think more projects are using Nexus themselves and I've had...

Staging of Repository within profile ID='X' is not yet started

Trying to deploy on a staging repository leads on the maven side to 400 , ReasonPhrase:Bad Request and the server log contains Staging of Repository within profile ID='X' is not yet started! It makes no difference using maven-deploy-plugin or maven-release-plugin. All three leads to the error from above. My deployment...

How I Can Create a Yeoman or Bower repository in Nexus

Hi we have an Internal Nexus Repository for our JS artifacts How can we get the same type of Repository for Bower.io, Yeoman.io, or any other package manager beside NPM?...

How to store releases/binaries in GitLab?

I am building a workflow with Gitlab, Jenkins and - probably - Nexus (I need an artifact storage). I would like to have GitLab to store releases/binaries - is it possible in a convenient way? I would not like to have another service from which a release (and documentation) could...

Apache IVY Unable to resolve dependencies for MAVEN Projects

I have a setup of Apache Ivy(Version 2.4.0) and Netbeans IDE(8.0.2). I have not been able to resolve dependencies for full blown maven projects(For example:org.glassfish.jersey). Apache Ivy successfully resolves dependencies for more specific modules like (org.glassfish.jersey.core). Non working Example: <dependency org="org.glassfish.jersey" name="project" rev="2.13" conf="solrj->*"/> Working Examples: <dependency org="org.apache.solr" name="solr-solrj" rev="5.0.0"...