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Spring Cloud - Zuul Proxy is producing a No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' ajax response

Startup Appplication: @SpringBootApplication @EnableZuulProxy public class ZuulServer { public static void main(String[] args) { new SpringApplicationBuilder(ZuulServer.class).web(true).run(args); } } My YAML file is like this: server: port:8080 spring: application: name: zuul eureka: client: enabled: true serviceUrl: defaultZone: http://localhost:8761/eureka/ zuul: proxy: route: springapp: /springapp I have a microservice application (on port 8081)...

Use Eureka despite having random external port of docker containers

I am writing an application that is composed of a few spring boot based microservices with a zuul based reverse proxy in the front- It works when I start the services on my machine, but for server rollout I'd like to use docker for the services, but this seems not...

Zuul timing out in long-ish requests

I am using a front end spring cloud application (micro service) acting as a zuul proxy (@EnableZuulProxy) to route requests from an external source to other internal micro services written using spring cloud (spring boot). The zuul server is straight out of the applications in the samples section @SpringBootApplication @Controller...

Replacing RibbonRoutingFilter for my zuul application

I would like to replace the existing RibbonRoutingFilter that is embedded in the zuul package with a custom one that has additional characteristics/customizations. Is it just a case of creating my own and giving it is priority that triggers ahead of the builtin one? I don't want this to be...

Multiple Zuul routes to one service

Most of the examples that I see are one route definition to one service. so this sort of thing: zuul: routes: myserver: path: /mypath/** Lets say that I want to route several routes to one service so in effect it would be like this: zuul: routes: myserver: path: /mypath/**, /anotherpath/**...

How to pass modified/wrapped HTTPServletRequest to subsequent Zuul Filters?

We have a Zuul Pre-Filter (Filter1) which will inspect the incoming HTTPServletRequest and make some changes to the query parameters in it to embed it to a custom created request (wrapping HttpServletRequestWrapper). Now, i want to pass this custom wrapped request to the next Zuul Pre-Filter (Filter2). How can i...

How do you create custom zuul filters in spring cloud

I want to write some of my own custom zuul filters for a spring cloud microservice i am writing. Once i have the filter written how do I integrate it so the underlying netflix zuul framework can take advantage of it.

How to create a custom Spring PropertySource that depends on a Spring Bean

I'm attempting to use the spring-cloud stack for a project that would use Zuul. In my organization we have a custom configuration stack that is xml-based and does property composition and hierarchical overrides. Because of the way this configuration is handled, I've struggled to create a PropertySource for it. My...