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Using Eureka with Ribbon doesn't send custom header

Current project uses spring-cloud-starter-eureka version 1.0.0.RELEASE. I am using Ribbon to connect to some other services and require a custom header. @Autowired private RestTemplate restTemplate; . . . ResponseEntity result = this.restTemplate.exchange("https://FooServices/foos/daily", HttpMethod.GET, new HttpEntity(getSpecialHeaders()), FooView[].class, new Object[0]); The code works fine for Spring Cloud version 1.0.0. However, when I...

How to pass modified/wrapped HTTPServletRequest to subsequent Zuul Filters?

We have a Zuul Pre-Filter (Filter1) which will inspect the incoming HTTPServletRequest and make some changes to the query parameters in it to embed it to a custom created request (wrapping HttpServletRequestWrapper). Now, i want to pass this custom wrapped request to the next Zuul Pre-Filter (Filter2). How can i...

Running Jar does not use jars from lib/* when packaged with mvn clean package

I have spring-boot application, which is first packaged to jar using mvn clean package I am trying to run it as java -jar target/bootstep-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar But it fails due to following error. 2015-04-24 16:06:45.425 INFO 27324 --- [ost-startStop-1] c.s.j.api.core.PackagesResourceConfig : Scanning for root resource and provider classes in the packages: com.netflix.discovery...

What is python Sting?

Sting is referenced in this blog post by netflix as a RESTful web service tool for reporting on data from hadoop / hive. One such application is Sting, a lightweight RESTful web service that slices, dices, and produces visualizations of large in-memory datasets. I've spent the last 45 minutes trying...

What is Bulkhead Pattern used by Hystrix?

Hystrix, a Netflix API for latency and fault tolerance in complex distributed systems uses Bulkhead Pattern technique for thread isolation. Can someone please elaborate on it.

Extract files from Chrome OS / Chromebook recovery image

My Problem: I am trying get hold of the official Chrome WideVine CDM plugin for an ARM architecture. My Understanding So Far: Given ARM-based Chromebooks can stream Netflix (and Netflix uses the WideVine CRM plugin), I am lead to believe a Chrome OS installation should contain the files I'm after....

Eureka peers not synchronized

I'm prototyping a set of Spring Cloud + Netflix OSS applications and have run into trouble with Eureka. In our setup, we have a Spring Cloud Config Server + Eureka Server, and then 2 modules that utilize that server component for bootstrapping and service discovery. The problem I run into...