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SNMP agent configuration windows/linux

i need to retrieve information via snmp and then use this information to create some sort of graphic application in Unity. I find the SnmpSharp library http://www.snmpsharpnet.com/ i create a little program in unity using this library and then i installed the snmp on my windows machine(using windows official guide)...

SNMP table with dynamic number of columns

I want to have a SNMP table with dynamic number of rows and columns. The code which creates the OIDs in the snmpd is ready but now I'm having problems with the MIB file. The MIB file allows dynamic number of rows(entries) but must have constant number of columns. I'm...

Showing progress as shell script runs

I would like to display something showing that the script is still gathering information from a device. Whether it be hash marks or periods. As you can see below when it starts its walk of a device it echos its start time. It is here I would like to show...